Acousmatique Recordings



Immersive Audio

Musique Concrete

West Coast.

Adventurous Music

Music label. Leipzig, Germany

Adventurous Music is a non-profit artist collective that has evolved from some different other artist groups around the beginning of the 21st century. By then, these artists had already been organizing audio-visual events in outstanding locations such as monuments, galleries, and museums as well as in clubs, bars, and cafes, and they continue to do so.

Since 2013, Adventurous Music has also created a bi-monthly podcast featuring music by artists and on labels we enjoy.

In 2019, we started our own non-profit micro-label focusing on the release of experimental electronic music. As a format, we exclusively chose limited printed goods (such as cards and books in small editions of < 100) that include visual artwork and a download code for the music.

Amp Records

Netlabel based in Guadalajara México. This netlabel focuses on electroacustic and experimental works.

Concrete, Drone, Experimental-Electronics, Industrial, Granular Music, Noise, Electroacustic, Ambient, Field recordings, Dark Ambient, Glitch, Psychedelic, Microsound, Improvisation, Montage, Soundscape.

arrythNia records


New York, New York
Digital Net Label. Splits. Comps. Albums.

Aural Films

San Francisco, California USA

Soundtracks for movies that do not exist.

Breeze Block Beats

Irregular live audio/visual meet up in Frome, Somerset, UK.

For people interested in electroacoustic, experimental, sound art, soundscapes, ambient, industrial dub, musique concrete.

Broken Bottle Productions

An independent artist collective and record label. 

Portland, Oregon USA

-I'm afraid of what

-is after life as much as

-I'm afraid of now.

Broken Tape Records

Independent label from Russia


Art, noise, music, you name it, the colander label will spoil it.

Component Recordings

Providence, Rhode Island

der kleine grüne Würfel

der kleine grüne Würfel is a netlabel based in Cologne, Germany. It’s about electronic music – and beyond.

In terms of musical styles, we started with electronic music, but nowadays stylistic variation dominates, ranging from experimental electronic music with DIY instruments to minimal techno to post industrial stoner metal or post- and kraut-rock.

Detroit Underground

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Underground (est. 1997) is a multidisciplinary arts collective. Functioning primarily as a record label dedicated to electronic based experimental music and video installation.

Dustopian Frequencies

Dustopian Frequencies is a micro imprint releasing experimental electronic music on limited cassette and digital.

Eg0cide Productions

Non-profit digital label for experimental musics created in 2007 by Kecap Tuyul. All DLs are available for free, Kecap Tuyul projects are "name your price"

Complete catalog available for free dl on internet archive

Eighth Tower Records

Records, Books & Magazine Publishing House, specialized in dark music and fiction.


Eighth Tower Records is part of the Unexplained Sounds network.



Irish cassette label.

Time Fades Away. Hell Awaits. 

You know your problems ain't exactly new.

Human Geography Recordings

Southwest, UK.

DIY Experimental Micro Tape Label from David A Jaycock & Andrew Burge.

Primarily interested inSoundscape, Drone, dark and psychedelic folk.

Inner Demons Records



Irregular Patterns


Not for profit label & home to artists not defined by traditional symmetry, shape or arrangement.

Less Than One (<1)


The Museum Of Viral Memory

A lifetime in noise & experimental stitched to the last 100 years of electroacoustic, ecoacoustic, concretemusique

Improv jazz come unpinned from time

Conceptual music built from field recordings

Sound art for dreaming, drifting, disappearing

Ritual magick, slow to cast; slow to coalesce

Invocations unintended for human ears

Music in geologic time

Aureality for the non-conscious mind 

Music Analysis Discussion Records


A Label for the Insiders; created for a Community. 

Noise à Noise

Independent, artist-run label for experimntal music. between Teh[e]ran and Berlin.

Not Yet Remembered Records

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Brussel, Belgium

Off is a Belgian based label founded by Alain Lefebvre in 2007. 

okla records

New label focusing on leftfield music - ambient, drone, field recordings, and all manner of experimental sounds.Demos welcome.

Owlripper Recordings

Promoting LoudQuietNoises FastSlowRiffs.

Orlová, Czech Republic

1000+1 Tilt

a. There is nothing to be (when you grow up)

b. Life is too short to waste it dealing with assholes

c. At the extreme end of representation, nothing remains, or what is left is precisely that: remains

Pattern Recognition

North Devon Electronic & Experimental Music Collective

Point Source Electronic Arts

Point Source is an electronic music record label, media arts service, and creative community.

quiet details

quiet details is a new label with each release being an artist's own unique interpretation of that phrase

Reverse Alignment

Founded in 2007 by Kristian Widqvist (Sweden). Since 2021 it is part of the Unexplained Sounds network.

Ryu Recordings

A label set up by a former resident DJ at the world's famous Slimelight and having releases/remixes on leading labels such as World Serpent, Ant Zen, Point Source Electronic Arts, Component Recordings and Errorgrid, Ryu Recordings aims to bring you the best in alternative electronic music 


Sonic Exploration Network of Southern Africa

A platform for exploratory music and sound art. We seek to cultivate a regional community of practitioners of experimental, improvisational and otherwise avant-garde forms of sonic expression, with a focus on creating a supporting, nurturing environment, as well as increased public exposure, for alternative forms of musical creativity.  


Syrphe is a platform mostly but not exclusively focused onto experimental, electronic, noise music from Asia and Africa.


Leipzig, Germany

Label for eclectic, doom, noise and industrial rock.

TLO is a sub-division of Adventurous Music.

Uncle Bob's Records

We release limited-edition cassette & digital releases of experimental electronic music.

Music you can dance to, sometimes...

Unexplained Sounds Group

Vacant Possession Records

An empty vessel making noise in the north east of England.

Veinte33 Records

Montevideo, Uruguay



Vivarium Recordings

Future sounds label run by Daniel Rauch

Electronic   Experimental   Dream   Vapor

Founded by Joseph Bailey & Benjamin Noggle, 2018. 


Beirut, Lebanon

VV-VA is a home for elusive, left field, and heady electronic music. What started as a space to share experimental sideprojects and unreleased collaborations within an intimate circle of musicians in Beirut is organically transforming into a fledgling platform that releases peripheral, outcast, and personal pieces or bundles.  

Weird Garden

Lincoln, UK

Remarkable music and sound from Weird Garden artists.

Weisskalt Records

mysterious underground record label for psychedelic, experimental and transcendental music

WHI recordings

London, UK

Electronic Music and Sound.

_your inner prison

We are a small independent record label focusing on industrial, IDM, glitch, noise and rhythmic noise, dark ambient, experimental music etc.



Soundscapes for dystopias,

retro futurism and sci-fi drifts.

ZeroK is part of the Unexplained Sounds network.