Recently, Disorganism visited The Museum of Viral Memory, spending time perusing the many exhibit halls and special galleries; drinking in the mysteries and curiosities on display to the senses. A recording of this experience was captured by the many surveillance devices in The Museum. And, of course, in hand of the many fellow visitors attending at the time. (Disorganism, too, captures memories in its own ways.)

It occurred to us, however, that much was missing from these piecemeal records of the visit. And that perhaps we could find more evidence for the visit by reaching out to others who might have been at The Museum at the time of Disorganism's visit. And since The Museum of Viral Memory is more accurately said to be located in time than place, much like music itself, any of you wherever you may reside, could very well have been at The Museum during Disorganism's visit, and might have captured something of the experience.

Disorganism visits The Museum

Remix/Rework/Reinterpretation project - An Invitation to  Humans, and other Musicians, 

You are cordially invited to interfere with/ rework/ reinterpret some or several of the recorded outputs with a view to a compiled release on the lessthanone label (<1).

13 original recordings from the visit are available as ‘stems’ for you to use and abuse as much or as little as you like.

These recordings, plus some other incidental field recordings from the locality, may be accessed here:

and you can feel free to add as many other elements of your own as you wish.

Please send your works, in WAV or AIFF format, to or

Also, questions, comments, irritations, and requests to be removed from this mailing list.

The deadline for receipt is the next Equinox. (Sunday 22nd September 2024).

We look forward to hearing from you.

motif#7 HEAT -Call for Submissions

After a month’s break we are now gearing up for the next smouldering motif show and the submissions window opened 01.07.2024. Theme: HEAT - interpret as you like. Deadline is midnight on 18th July 2024.

motif is a monthly radio show on grey clay radio in which experimental electronic music producer Dogs versus Shadows invites the community to submit recordings based on their personal interpretation of a theme.

The shows are uploaded to the grey clay radio Mixcloud after first broadcast for a few weeks where they are charting ‘healthily’ - motif#6 reached No.1 in their global Ambient Industrial chart; motif#5 reached No.1 in their Vaporwave chart.

(Tracks from past shows now appear in the thrice-weekly ‘deep motif’ mix as well.)

Submissions must fit within the genres 'dark electronic' and/or 'obscure experimental sound' - in keeping with grey clay.

Send submissions to : using WeTransfer/ Dropbox link or similar. Deadline is strictly midnight 18th July 2024.

Submission rules: 

Interpret the theme, send your best work, have fun. Please adhere to the following. 

(A special plea from Dogs versus Shadows that contributing artists include first their artist name, then track name in the file name of the track they submit. )

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!

13.07.2024 ANAKRONISM 8

The gorgeous new mix by Signalstoerung of recent sounds on the amazing Adventurous Music label. Now available on the GCR Mixcloud.

13.07.2024 Four tracks from the album Animal Farm by Mutant Beatniks added to the mix.

11.07.2024 DisJettenism - the drone day collab between Jettenbach and Disorganism, released today on Adventurous Music!

10.07.2024 The Unfading Spark. The beautiful new release by Plant43 on quiet details.

09.07.2024 Welcome to Sweden's Jarl with this fabulous release on Reverse Alignment, Neurotransmitters-Sphere-Music.

08.07.2024 Institutionalised Ritual by Wukir Suryadi's Volcanic Winds.

07.07.2024 Tracking Portraits In Close-up - the new release by Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood for your Sunday delight.

06.07.2024 Generative Wastelands 04 - the next fabulous episode by guest DJ Thomas Park. See schedule page for details.

06.07.2024 The next batch of tracks from Pleistocene Megafauna, taken from Sessions 6 & 8.

05.07.2024 A gorgeous dive into the velvety depths with this superb album by Thierry Arnal - The Ephemeral Armour.

05.07.2024 Huge congratulations to James Newman and Ken Peel for a fantastic 1st ever EMOM in Wells, Somerset (UK) and all the acts who performed. The White Hart pub was an excellent venue and the event organisation and facilities were top notch. A huge honour for grey clay's own Disorganism to be part of it. Looking forward to the next one!

Playing on the night were:

03.07.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: digitalsakura’s vergissmeinnicht.

03.07.2024 Released today, the abstract audio collage that is  Open Day, by Conducive.

02.07.2024 A warm welcome to Shaun Robert with a clutch of tracks from recent releases now playing on GCR.

01.07.2024 <1NTWRK guest DJ mix 

Reclamation 08

Playing 9pm Sunday 30th June 2024 and 1am Thursday 4th July  2024 (UK time)

Details on the schedule page.

01.07.2024 ELEVEN DAYS by Thierry Arnal, added to the mix.

30.06.2024 Through a Glass Darkly by Michael Grunditz - the latest release on Sweden's Reverse Alignment label.

29.06.2024 Some more modular magic from S.Costa- Forest Goblin.

28.06.2024 From Fabio Keiner, the acoustic labyrinth that is Gonglands. Released on Ignis Fatum

27.06.2024 Non-Linear Control Freak - a 2023 8-parter from Dogs versus Shadows.

25.06.2024 A burst of Ultra for your Tuesday groove - Rule.

24.06.2024 MENOLAK TUNDUK/REFUSE TO SUBMIT - the powerful 2022 album by Wukir Suryadi added to the mix.

23.06.2024 A warm welcome to Folkestone's Pleistocene Megafauna starting with their Sessions 1-5 release.

22.06.2024 From David Strother and Mark Hjorthoy, the wonderful Slavery of the Bees. Released on Adventurous Music.

21.06.2024 For your solstice morning bliss, Pietro Zollo's Fragmented Patterns. Released on Projekt Records.

20.06.2024 digitalsakura - lasociétéduspectacle 

Released on Adventurous Music.

19.06.2024 The wonderfully titled, speak, thou vast and venerable head, by Loula Yorke. Released on quiet details.

18.06.2024 LF20/Killigrew. A LIFEFILES creative exchange by the effervescent BMH. Released by Mortality Tables.

17.06.2024 Yolk by S.Costa from the compilation, Myxos, released by re:natura.

17.06.2024 Blanc Noir (Carol of the Bells version) by Ultra, just added to the mix.

16.06.2024 Welcome to macrogmittrei (and also the Detroit Underground collective), with the brilliant Pacto.

15.06.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Cut UP. Deconstructing W. S. Burroughs by Various Artists. Released by The Unexplained Sounds Group. June 2024

14.06.2024 Stalker  -  a compilation album from May this year, is a tribute to the cinematic masterpiece "Stalker" (1979) by Russian director Andrej Tarkowskij. Released on Eighth Tower Records. 

13.06.2024 Metanoia by WHYDARDII, added to the mix.

12.06.2024 Manuel Carbone's the last sound I hear before falling asleep, aired for the first time. Exclusive to grey clay radio.

12.06.2024 A warm welcome to S. Costa with this fabulous electronic treat, The Radiant Point.

12.06.2024 Another selection of tracks by Down Chamber, this time from the album Fragments of Dissonance.

11.06.2024 The latest from Thierry Arnal, Brume. Released on Adventurous Music.

11.06.2024 Something refreshingly different, BAD by Sam.

08.06.2024 Breezeblock Beats at The Crown, Frome UK.

A brilliant line up of artists comprising: Kῦμα, BMH, disorganism, Terminal Optimism with Antony Bachini, Barbers Green and S.Costa.

Thanks as always to Stuart and Andrew for putting the event on, The Crown in Frome, Patrick Dunn for the stunning visuals and everyone who came along and supported the event.

Video montage of the night:

10.06.2024 A substantial new release from Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood, Motion To Oblivion.

09.06.2024 Ultra with Sven Phalanx - Übergang.

09.06.2024 Tracks from Down Chamber's Kindred Viricide album added to the mix.

08.06.2024 ANAKRONISM 7

The very latest mix by Signalstoerung of new work on the Adventurous Music label.

A glittering feast of experimental music, subtle soundscapes and distant atmospheres.

Repeating Fridays, 7pm and Mondays, 5am [UK time]

08.06.2024 A beautiful new EP from the Inner Demons Records label, Manifeste Sonore pour un Sommeil R​é​volutionnaire by Saisho最小.

07.06.2024 From May this year, Dogs versus Shadows' moody and moving EP, exemplar of a new time.

06.06.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Qurv Trysr by MTCH

Released 07.06.2024 on Point Source Electronic Arts

06.06.2024 Yves Klein Special. The Monotone-Silence Symphony. - a homage by Relay Station and ꙬℵɅꟼurrssꙨꙪℵ'5ꟼ³³⁷¡ⁿt∅+H³0rçH³⁵+rɅ.

05.06.2024 Tracks from The Eventual Coalesce by Down Chamber, added to the mix.

05.06.2024 The next addition from Karma Please, the fabulously melancholic, Gwirith.

04.06.2024 Submerging - a track from the album, Dead Reckoning by Down Chamber, just added to the mix.

04.06.2024THA_LAB. Transmission 01 A brooding new bimonthly guest mix for grey clay by Thierry Arnal. Mondays, 9pm & Fridays 3am, UK time.

Details on the schedule page.

04.06.2024 A delicate and deep release from Oberlin - The Softest Lace. Released on Perceptual Tapes.

03.06.2024 The latest release from Ryu Recordings - the banging WOES by Under Konstruktion.

03.06.2024 <1NTWRK guest DJ mix on grey clay radio- RECLAMATION 07

Playing 9pm Sunday 2nd June 2024 and 1am Thursday 6th June  2024 (UK time)

Details on the schedule page.

03.06.2024 Raffaele Pezzella’s 

The Recognition Test - show #343

Dive into a warm ocean of sound with Italy’s Unexplained Sounds Network.

Details on the schedule page.

02.06.2024 Hendekagon - 俳句 - two incredibly beautiful tracks interpreting haikus by Kobayashi Issa. (Currently exclusive to grey clay radio.)

01.06.2024 Generative Wastelands 03

Saturday 1st June 2024 11pm and  Monday 3rd June 7pm UK time - the third ingenious episode of this fabulous show for grey clay by Thomas Park.

01.06.2024 A thing of beauty - Hendekagon's 47 Released on Adventurous Music for Drone Day 2024.

01.06.2024 From 'Anthology of Contemporary Music From Far East', FM Odyssey by fr(HK). Released on  Unexplained Sounds.

01.06.2024 From 'Anthology of Contemporary Music From Far East', Ten Commandments by Ryo Murakami. Released on  Unexplained Sounds.

01.06.2024 Interloper Drift - a lilting ambient earth dream from AFTERVOLTER.

31.05.2024 Tracks from the Breezeblock Beats Drone Day added to the mix.

31.05.2024 E​.​P. From the Archive of Disappearing Sounds, the latest beautiful  release by LampEyes.

30.05.2024 Another gem from WHYDARDII, SPINE E.P. added to the mix.

30.05.2024 A very warm welcome to Karma Please with this May 2024 release, Karma Please.

29.05.2024 Circulating Memories by the brilliant  Kazuya Ishigami, just added to the mix. Released on Neotantra.

29.05.2024 The wonderfully rich journey that is Whettman Chelmets' A New Place. Released today on quiet details.

28.05.2024 New to grey clay, phoanøgramma & Luca Ferro with limen memoriae, a 'sonic journey through the depths of memory and liminal abandonment.' Released on Unexplained Sounds.

28.05.2024 From Stefan Dowsing, the haunting Evocation of Wandering Spirits.

27.05.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: All Stem and No Stalk By Dogs versus Shadows.

26.05.2024 32 exceptional tracks played all day from South Africa's SENSA artists for Drone Day 2024.

25.05.2024 DRONE DAY. 

A day of drone music by artists from the Breezeblock Beats event in Frome UK, taking over the station. Including grey clay's very first ever live broadcast - Terminal Optimism with Antony Bachini, performing at grey clay studio. 

Simultaneously restreamed to the KYIVPASTRANS/Pererva Studio 47 hour Drone Day marathon from Ukraine!

25.05.2024 Psyche by Sanctuary, added to the mix. Released on Reverse Alignment.

25.05.2024 A warm welcome to Tulpa Twin from Austin, Texas with this superb album, Coping Strategies. Released on Adventurous Music.

24.05.2024 Strange Recital - the latest release by Lauré Lussier on Adventurous Music - inspired by the poem cycle of the same name by Canadian poet Émile Nelligan.

23.05.2024 From Leipzig, two beautiful field recordings: An evening in the pond by grey clay choir.

23.05.2024 The latest release from the ever brilliant Aftervolter, cirqu de signä.

23.05.2024 Ultra's second album, Zwei. Some 'rhythm & noise'  for the grey clay mix!

22.05.2024 Dogs versus Shadows presents motif#6 EDGE  - a show like you've never heard before. Mood, invention, wit, courage and heaps and heaps of the deepest, richest most velvety darkness on the planet. See Schedule Page for details.

Now available on the GCR Mixcloud.

22.05.2024 Concept, by Orlando's Bacon Grease added to the mix. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.

21.05.2024 Von Wegen by Oberlin added to the mix. Released on Shimmering Moods Records.

20.05.2024 <1NTWRK single artist mix: 16bard. Playing 9pm Sunday 19th May 2024 and 1am Thursday 23rd May 2024 (UK time)

Details on the schedule page.

20.05.2024 A warm welcome to Ultra from Germany with their 2021 debut album, Eins.

19.05.2024 The Recognition Test #342 The beautiful new show from Italy’s Unexplained Sounds Network. Sunday 19th May 9am & Thursday 23rd May 11pm UK time.

Details on the schedule page

19.05.2024 On the zeroK label, Into The Void - a mesmerising electronic masterpiece by Archaic.

18.05.2024 From Dogs versus Shadows, Flicker in the Grate.

 Flames are dreams - sometimes bright, sometimes faded

Flames are voices - sometimes clear, sometimes haunted

17.05.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Still Moving By Roslyn Steer. Released on KantCope, 2015

15.05.2024 A 'mesmerising soundtrip' from Fabio Keiner, Djinn. Released on Eg0cide Productions.

14.05.2024 Tracks from Expansion, the new album by Sommerfeld added to the mix. Released on Ryu Recordings.

13.05.2024 Another superb album from WHYDARDII, Hate, added to the mix.

12.05.2024 From the wonderful Anthology of Contemporary Music From Far East, Singapore's Pupa with a track called jagitate. Released on Unexplained Sounds.

12.05.2024 Unrealistic Memory -  an intriguing 4 part sound journey by Kazuya Ishigami.

11.05.2024 The long-form retro-futuristic cityscape exploration, Rivage by Aether Pilot added to the mix

11.05.2024 A second release from  Khabat Abas - Dialogue (with a bomb shell cello).

10.05.2024 ANAKRONISM 6

The particularly sweet and haunting mix by Signalstoerung of new music on the Adventurous Music label, for grey clay radio.

10.05.2024 From the inspiring collaboration that brought you 'Rust', Fail and Hendekagon's deep, dark and beautiful, Lines. Released on Adventurous Music.

10.05.2024 FEATURED ALBUM:

En Sten For Solen By øjeRum

Released on quiet details, 08.05.2024

09.05.2024 Where Time Becomes A Loop - a wonderful experiment in live sequence looping by Mark Hjorthoy. Released on Móatún 7.

09.05.2024 Another deliciously dark outing from AFTERVOLTER, 12th House.

08.05.2024 A Trip To Nowhere by the brilliant Chunyang Yao, added to the mix.

08.05.2024 From Khabat Abas, who I had the pleasure of seeing perform live in London this year, the fabulous Skin Cello.

07.05.2024 Avoiding Ferries, a track from the debut album 'no one in europe knows how to scream anymore' by Knitted Tongues, added to the mix

07.05.2024 From Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood, the decidedly cephlapodal new album, 3 Hearts.

07.05.2024 From Indonesia, Wukir Suryadi's Menolak tunduk, Refuse to submit. From the Anothology of Contemporary Music Far East compilation by Unexplained Sounds.

06.05.2024 deep motif.

A new show on grey clay, playing a selection of past motif show tracks for 2 hours, 3 times a week! See schedule page for more info.

06.05.2024 Gamhna Sa Cheo. Another superb release from Roslyn Steer added to the grey clay mix.

06.05.2024 Airwaves by Relay Station - the third and final part of this tryptich, constrcuted from radio wave sources. Released on Adventurous Music.

05.05.2024 A first batch of tracks from the incredible Adventurous Music 5th Anniversary album of collaborations, added to the mix.

05.05.2024 The Recognition Test #341

The latest show from Italy’s Unexplained Sounds Network. Sunday 5th May 9am & Thursday 9th May 11pm UK time.

Details on the schedule page

05.05.2024 Generative Wastelands 02 Saturday 4th May 2024 11pm and  Monday 6th May 7pm UK time - the second beautiful monthly sound journey for grey clay by Thomas Park.

Details on the schedule page

05.05.2024 A cool vibe for your Sunday morning - TMLSSNSS by Thierry Arnal.

05.05.2024 Music For Complicated Times - the latest album from The Deep Bleed, just added to the mix. Released on Human Geography Recordings.

04.05.2024 From the brilliant INYAN, the new single, What Kind Of Plant Are You? for your chilled Saturday mood. Released on Adventurous Music.

04.05.2024 Adopt Robots - the cracking new album by WHYDARDII, just added to the mix!

04.05.2024 Yet another gem from the FORT EVIL FRUIT label: DK by Deli Kuvveti.

03.05.2024 The entire AM 5th Anniversary Album will play non-stop for 24 hours [00:00-24:00 UK time].

This incredible five and a half hour album contains 53 collaborations by over 70 experimental music artists from all over the world, produced exclusively for this release. 

Happy Birthday Adventurous Music. Feel the love!

02.05.2024 bodai ossify - a haunting sonic poem  from 2022 by mortier.

02.05.2024 From Oberlin, the dreamy drone album, Sunday Tunes, added to the mix.

01.05.2024 From the awesome compilation, 'Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Far East', vocal exercise by Gina Lo. Released on Unexplained Sounds.

01.05.2024 Selections from Roslyn Steer's gorgeous album, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird; a response to the 1917 poem by Wallace Stevens of the same name. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.

30.04.2024 Welcome Kazuya Ishigami to grey clay with this fascinating album, Just everyday life.

30.04.2024 Aether Pilot's wonderfully expansive and dark new album, Entropic added to the mix.

29.04.2024 A super-warm welcome to Dublin's Teishi-1 with this utterly superb electronic treat, Ghost. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.

26.04.2024 From Aftervolter, the brilliant SA TIS MOL TIS NULL TIS (2022).

26.04.2024 Sleepy Fat Moon - a gorgeous Moog dream by Chunyang Yao.

25.04.2024 Carving Out Music From Noise by Schoeffler. Released on Broken Bottle Productions.

25.04.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Can we meet in San Diego? By Katy Coxwell. Released on Adventurous Music 08.04.2024

21.04.2024 The Recognition Test #340

A new show on grey clay radio from Italy’s Unexplained Sounds Network. Sunday 21st April 9am & Thursday 25th April 11pm UK time.

Details on the schedule page

21.04.2024 <1NTWRK single artist mix: 

Imaginary Beings

Playing 9pm Sunday 21st April 2024 and 1am Thursday 25th March 2024 (BST)

Details on the schedule page.

21.04.2024 Released on Owlripper Records, Estranje, by Guru Bobol for your Sunday mood.

20.04.2024 Post-Immagini. A beautiful  sound art release from Manuel Carbone and Sorta Opalka (et al)

18.04.2024 Stone Valley Days - a romantic and utterly cool 2021 release from Oberlin.

17.04.2024 the latest addition from the quiet details label: Seabuckthorn's this warm, this late.

16.04.2024 The Rendering. An abstract sonic exploration by Fletina, based on recordings made at Weymouth Harbour, UK.

15.04.2024 The delight that is AyuDAbuya by Chunyang Yao, Just added to the mix.

15.04.2024 HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY Adventurous Music! Check out the fabulous new album of exceptional collaborations, in celebration of this world class label's 5th year of awesomeness.

14.04.2024 Angel Breathe In Sighs, the darkly atmospheric new album by Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood.

13.04.2024 Following the INNER DEMONS RECORDS 20th Anniversary special feature on grey clay, all 5 mixes by Signalstoerung that played during the week are now available on Mixcloud here. Enjoy!

13.04.2024 The fascinating Theatre of Ampheng by Singapore's Irving Paul Pereira (aka Aftervolter) for your weekend pleasure!

13.04.2024 Again from the truly wonderful album, Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Far East, on the Unexplained Sounds label, another new artist for grey clay, Irving Paul Pereira's  maybe there is a disco

13.04.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Calma para Nós by Luiz Ser Eu. Released 29.03.2024

12.04.2024 Invisible Wounds by Chunyang Yao added to the mix.

12.04.2024 From the incredible album, Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Far East, on the Unexplained Sounds label, this track by Chunyang Yao - Remnant.

11.04.2024 Just loving this track (02) from the album Café Carne by Ibiza Shock Troops. Released on Inner Demons Records.

11.04.2024 Made up to be playing the fabulous new album from Sermons by the Devil, Baptism of Desire.

10.04.2024 D2 - the next album by Chile's Ap Ducal to land at grey clay. Released by Weisskalt Records.

10.04.2024 Rehpic Llib - cheeky little number from late 2023 by the brilliant Hypnotic Transmissions that somehow slipped by me!

08.04.2024 The next addition to the schedule from Luiz Ser Eu. An amazing experimental, jazzy escapade called, Cãozinho T​ê​nis Marrom.

08.04.2024 <1NTWRK guest DJ mix: 

Reclamation 05

Playing 9pm Sunday 7th April 2024 and 1am Thursday 11th March 2024 (BST)

Details on the schedule page.

The show is now available on the GCR Mixcloud.

07.04.2024 The Recognition Test

A new show on grey clay radio from Italy’s Unexplained Sounds Group. Sunday 7th April 9am & Thursday 11th April 11pm UK time.

Details on the schedule page

Now available at

07.04.2024 Generative Wastelands 

a new monthly show on grey clay by Thomas Park starting Saturday 6th April.

Saturdays 11pm and Mondays 7pm BST

Details on the schedule page

07.04.2024 Light Glider - the superb new track by Stefan Dowsing added to rthe mix. Currently exclusive to grey clay.

06.04.2024 ANAKRONISM 5 

An utterly sublime new mix by Signalstoerung of new tracks on the Adventurous Music label.

Playing Fridays 7pm BST and Mondays 5am BST starting 5th April 2024.

See schedule page for track list.

06.04.2024 The brand new album by Jvox, Man is a Machine, just landed at grey clay! Released on Component Recordings.

06.04.2024 Lessons Long Learned by Mark Hjorthoy, added to the mix. (Also released by Pleasure Tapes)

05.04.2024 From the ever intriguing Lauré Lussier, Trans(Dis)figured Waltzes. Released on Adventurous Music.

05.04.2024 Another addition from Sam Quinn with this 2023 release, ~7.

04.04.2024 A fascinating new release from Guru Bobol, the entirely vocally generated TEOSYLE.

04.04.2024 We Are Going We Are Going We Are Gone - a contemplative journey by Oberlin

03.04.2024 General Purpose Electronic Sound Vol 1 by WHI Reordings just added to the mix.

02.04.2024 Originally released on tape in 1987, Al-Azif by Capricorni Pneumatici was recorded in an  underground location containing a group of vitrified cement tanks. Released on Eigth Tower Records.

01.04.2024 A warm welcome to Luiz Ser Eu from Brazil with the first of 3 new additions to grey clay, Em agosto.

31.03.2024 Delighted to add more work by Marla Van Horn to the mix with the 2023 EP release, STILLNESS.

30.03.2024 This Atrocious Nursery by Fencepost added to the mix. Released on Inner Demons Records

29.03.2024 FEATURED ALBUM:

!Habesi - Instrumental by Mntana Wexhwele. Released 08.03.2024

29.03.2024 In honour of the recently discovered comet, Nishimura by Fabio Keiner. Released on Adventurous Music.

28.03.2024 The latest release from Adventurous Music, Lauter Rhythmus by the brilliant Francis Théberge & Axophobe.

27.03.2024 D1 -Another wonderful album by Ap Ducal added to the mix. Released on Weisskalt Records.

26.03.2024 Surfaces by Thierry Arnal added to the mix. Released on Adventurous Music.

25.03.2024 General Purpose Electronic Sound Vol 2 from WHI Recordings just added to the mix.

18.03.2024 A Small Quagmire by Thrill Behind Barks, an experimental project based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Released on Human Geography Recordings.

21.03.2024 Oberlin's Cold Harbour just added to the mix. Released on Adventurous Music.

21.03.2024 The Stars That Burn Loudly by The Deep Bleed. Released on Kalamine Records.

20.03.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Hypnotic by Alinovsky and Tetsuroh Konishi.

Released 08.03.2024

on Off Records

20.03.2024 Ian Hawgood and James Murray, here as Slow Reels. Their 3rd album, out today, Everyday Exotic. Released on quiet details.

19.03.2024 An '...auditory journey through the liminal spaces of both the physical and psychic realms.' A space between planes (building 212) from Between Planes by Vyormouth. Released on ZERO K.

19.03.2024 A glimpse of an unsteady soul, jagged and distorted, being dissolved by a poisonous world. Music For Nothing by Giacomo Vanelli. Released on okla records.

19.03.2024 Tracks from μ​α​σ​χ​α​λ​ι​σ​μ​ό​ς by  μ​α​σ​χ​α​λ​ι​σ​μ​ό​ς (meaning to teat limb from limb, eg Orpeus and the maenads)added to the mix. Released on Inner Demons Records

18.03.2024 My Mother Was Science Fiction is the first full length album from Mosaic Runes, released on Weisskalt Records.

18.03.2024 Hidden Canals by Conducive. Four abstract soundscapes inspired by French cinema & literature, and the dark shadowy places located within the busy highly-populated urban environments located all around Europe. Released on V33 Records.

18.03.2024 The Numbers, by wife and husband duo Juice Machine, just added to the mix. Released on Inner Demons Records.

17.03.2024 Meaning the fear of loud sounds, Ligyrophobia by Chantelle Gray.

17.03.2024 From Sam Quinn, the fabulous journey that is, Transcribes.

17.03.2024 General Purpose Electronic Sound Vol 3 by WHI Recordings (aka Secret Nuclear)just added to the mix. (Vols 1&2 coming soon)

17.03.2024 Courtesy of the okla record label, Plasticene by Wound, for your Sunday delight.

15.03.2024 Sense Routines by Collision Objects explores the relationship between rhythmanalysis and the routine metrics recorded by wearable fitness trackers. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.

14.03.2024 From The Unexplained Sounds Group, A Touch of Despair by The Tapes.

14.03.2024 From the Weisskalt label Signal/Prompt by Mosaic Runes.

14.03.2024 Fabio Keiner’s journey into the world in between was inspired by the ancient Greek orphic hymns, more precisely by the Hymn to Melinoe. Released on der kleine grüne Würfel

14.03.2024 Another warm welcome, this time to Mark Hjorthoy, aka The Deep Bleed with the first of several albums and EPs coming to the station, Machines That Search For God. Released on Inner Demons Records.

13.03.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Panopticon by Grey Frequency. Released on Human Geography Recordings 01.03.2024

See Featured Albums for more.

13.03.2024 On okla records, the intriguing sonic journey, Submarine by Adam Howse.

13.03.2024 Another very warm welcome, to Ap Ducal and Weisskalt Records with the subtly psychedlic album, U

13.03.2024 From the brilliant Chantelle Gray, Losing My Way '...tries to imagine what it would feel like to have magnetoreception interference.' Exceptional!

13.03.2024 Welcome to Secret Nuclear and WHI recordings with this superb tour de force, The Closed Circuit.

12.03.2024 A very warm welcome to SONOLOGYST with the album Shortwave Spectrum.

12.03.2024 Oberlin's incredibly beautiful Invierno, just added to the mix. Released on Lontano Series.

12.03.2024 Tracks from Railwave by Matthew Greasley just added. Released on Uncle Bob's Records.

11.03.2024 The latest <1NTWRK guest mix: Reclamation04 is now available in the grey clay Mixcloud page. Definitely a classic <1 mix - not to be missed!

11.03.2024 A very warm welcome to Milan's P.U.M.A with this superb new album, Red Winter. Released on Reverse Alignment.

11.03.2024 From Evil Smells Oil, the track Looming Shadows of the Past by Platonoff just added to the mix. Released on Inner Demons Records.

11.03.2024 Terminal Optimism's Lynchian Times - hot off the press and currently exclusive to grey clay radio.

10.03.2024 The latest from the consistently brilliant Relay Station - Ground Waves. Released on Adventurous Music.

09.03.2024 Some more 16bard for the mix today with this release from 2023, interpreting the colour £f26a7e

09.03.2024 'The rip of a tear in its eye. The Universe blinks'  The latest release from Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood - Ghost Chapel

08.03.2024 Another album by Klerks of Bedessea - Transmissions added to the mix.

07.03.2024 The next addition from the brilliant  Niacinamide, The Last Light Spoken (Hot Fuzz).

07.03.2024 Based on the film or the book by Poe, Autumn in the House of Usher, by Eli Wallis. Released on Inner Demons Records.

06.03.2024 Welcome to Germany's Oberlin with this 2024 release Laudanum, inspired by the legendary meeting of Byron, Mary and Percy Shelley and Dr. Polidori in the Villa Diodati at Lake Geneva.

06.03.2024 The latest release from RDKPL on Inner Demons Records, noitavoNC

05.03.2024 Gas Mask Replicant by Matthew Greasley, just added to the mix. Released on Uncle Bob's Records.

05.03.2024 The latest from Fail - the interestingly titled, Unfortunate Things. On Inner Demons Records.

04.03.2024 The next addition from the IDR label, Fabio Keiner's Battle Hymn, inspired by the song by Julia Ward Howe.

04.03.2024 The superb collab between Conducive and Fletina, Remedial Noisescapes, just added to the mix.

03.03.2024 Viral Tarot 24.02 is the first part of an 'aural' tarot by and the Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble that will be added to over the year. Released by The Museum of Viral Memory.

03.03.2024 Pelléas & Mélisande by Lauré Lussier is an interpretation of the play by Maurice Maeterlinck. This is an adventure for the senses! Rightly released on Adventurous Music.

02.03.2024 In the last of 3 individual track additions today, the beautiful Phenomenon, by Stefan Dowsing.

02.03.2024 Another addition from Sam Quinn with this excellent track, cosmiko.

02.03.2024 The live performamance by Flux-us from the last Breeze Block Beats, Echoes of Hostility.

01.03.2024 When The Marks Leave Scars - the hauntingly atmospheric album by Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood. Just added to the mix.

01.03.2024 ANAKRONISM 4 - the stunnning new mix by Signalstoerung of new tracks from the Adventurous Music label.

Playing Fridays 6pm GMT and Mondays 5am GMT starting 1st March 2024.

29.02.2024 A very warm welcome to Klerks of Bedessea with this epic album,  The Kraken of Bede.

29.02.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: 

A Voicenote to the Hierophant



Released 29.02.2024 on Ryu Recordings

28.02.2024 modal operandi - the wonderful new processed field recording based album by Ian Boddy. On quiet details.

27.02.2024  Tracks from the album Fieldwork by Matthew Greasley, just added to the mix. Released on Uncle Bob's Records

27.02.2024 The latest release from Sam Quinn - Wormhole - for your mycelial pleasure!

26.02.2024 Mais les Morts Auront le Wifi.An industrial electronic delight by Mig Inc. On Inner Demons Records.

26.02.2024 The new <1NTWRK guest DJ single artist mix featuring OTP. Now playing 9pm [GMT] Sundays and 1am [GMT] Thursdays. Also available to hear on the GCR Mixcloud site.

26.02.2024 A gorgeous sweeping industrial sound bath: The End Of Everything by Noise Hangover.

26.02.2024 The first of 3 additions from the Inner Demons Records label today: The Inability To Be Happy by the incomperable Andreas Davids.

25.02.2024 A beautiful mood for your Sunday pleasure, KENOPSIA by Ira  Hadžić and Cedrik Fermont. Released on Syrphe.

24.02.2024 To coincide with the full moon today - a grey clay excusive from Hendekagon - Full Moon Sonata.

24.02.2024 Breeze Block Beats @ The French Cellar, Frome UK.

Another brilliant night of sonic exploration in Frome with Flux-Us, Terminal Optimism, GAS, Klerks of Bedessea and Matt Greasley. As always, huge respect to Stuart and Andrew for making the event a reality, and to Patrick Dunn for the awesome 360 degree live projection visuals.

Check the BBB website and YouTube channel soon for sound and video from the night.

23.02.2024 A superb new collab release on Inner Demons Records; Jon Watkins & Fail - Reflections on Art and AI

23.02.2024 Another track from Katy Coxwell - Circuits - added to the mix.

22.02.2024 The next addition from Niacinamide - Time and Silence. Released on arrhythNia

21.02.2024 A majestic 2019 album from Collision Objects - Human Geography. Released on Solid Tapes.

20.02.2024 Hello Niacinaamide! The first of a set of superb recent releases coming to grey clay: Ballroom Conservatory EP

19.02.2024 Welcome to Schoeffler on grey clay with this serene album, Igrabil.

18.02.2024 The wonderfully atmospheric Sonorystyka No.1 by Dream House Ensemble (Iranian music composers,  Nader Mashayekhi, Ali Radman and Idin Samimi Mofakham) Released on Noise à Noise.

17.02.2024 A beautiful minimalistic electronic feast, False Modernity, by INYAN and Manuel Carbone (including remixes by Francis Théberge, Signalstoerung and T. Čelet) Released on Adventurous Music.

17.02.2024 From Kraków, Kamil Kukla with the excellent album, Double Cry. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.

16.02.2024 A taster for an album coming soon, Tantric by Alinovsky and Tetsuroh Konishi is a wonder to behold!

16.02.2024 If Imitation Is the Highest Form Of Flattery, What Is It When I Try to Recreate My Own Past Performance? A reproduction of a live set by Fail from a performance at Apartment Music 48. Released on Inner Demons Records. (Original performance

14.02.2024 FEATURED 'ALBUM': GAS ORGAN by Lou Smith. See Featured Albums for more info.

14.02.2024 Tracks from Rauppwar's recent release, Hangar 0024 just added to the mix.

13.02.2024 A warm welcome to artist and field recorder, Lou Smith, with this series of epic soundscape field recordings, exclusive to grey clay, of frog mating calls in a South London pond complete with sirens, heavy rain, dogs, planes, traffic and a fox who falls in the pond mid-recording!

13.02.2024 Welcome to the industrial delights of Merrye Syndrome by Polivoks, inspired by the 1967 film, Spider Baby.

12.02.2024 BioBinary_Exp by France's Thanato Twist and Oleg's Sound System. An intriguing long form piece from 2019, released on eg0cide productions.

11.02.2024 Reclamation 03 - the latest awesome guest DJ set by <1NTWRK. Going out tonight, 9pm GMT.

11.02.2024 A gorgeous debut on grey clay from Katy Coxwell - The Great Washed.

11.02.2024 Visions by Hypnotic Transmissions. A story about someone who gets glimpses about the upcoming events for humanity...

10.02.2024 Pool Adjacent: 4 tracks of unpredictable electronic joy by Collision Objects just added to the mix.

09.02.2024 ANAKRONISM 3 the brand new set by Signalstoerung of new and yet-to-be-released music on the Adventurous Music label.

09.02.2024 Circular Motion the beautiful new EP release by Hendekagon on Adventurous Music.

08.02.2024 From the Tokyo underground music scene, September Sessions At The TEN by ni/s. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.

07.02.2024 From the London based art collective Knitted Tongues, the debut release For Pierre just added to the mix.

07.02.2024 Released today on quiet details, if all will be lost by maps and diagrams

motif#3 -WORK 

Tuesday 6th Feb 9pm & Saturday 10th Feb 1am GMT

Details on schedule page.

06.02.2024 Another long form soundscape from Fletina - From What's Gathered.

05.02.2024 A fascinating experimental 2020 outing from fencepost - Orchestrina. Released on Eg0cide Productions.

04.02.2024 More dark delight from Rauppwar with this second addition to the schedule, Space.

03.02.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Ghost Circuits Menlo by The Cube of Unknowing. See 'Featured Albums' for more info. 

Playing daily at 5pm GMT

02.02.2024 There Is No Freedom by Hendekagon featuring the voices of the legendary Kate Bosworth and Thedi. Released on Human geographt Recordings.

01.02.2024 3 wonderfully immersive soundscape pieces by Conducive - Modern Prophecy. Released on V33 Records.

31.01.2024 The next addition to the grey clay schedule from French experimental musician, Nicolas Tourney. Music for Piano - 12 electroacoustic drone pieces. Extraordinary! Released on Eg0cide Productions.

31.01.2024 The latest release from Vorval, two long form soundscapes entitled, Judden.

30.01.2024 Summon (Live at the NCH) by David Donohoe, just added to the mix. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.

29.01.2024 STRUCTURES by the Berlin based sound artist, Fritz Gessler, just added to the mix

28.01.2024 <1NTWRK single artist mix: POLIVOKS Playing 9pm Sundays and 1am Thursday (GMT). See schedule page for details. The show is now available on the GCR Mixcloud.

27.01.2024 Welcome to TEMBER Ensemble and the Noise à Noise label in Berlin showcasing experimental Iranian work. This album: Moers Journey.

26.01.2024 Another superb album from Collision Objects - Practice & Theory. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT

25.01.2024 The next addition from Hamburg's David Wallraf - Inconvenient. Released on Industrial Coast.

25.01.2024 asempt by OTP - a collab between <1 and otepsia using just stems made available by Autechre. Released on eg0cide productions.

24.01.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: (Well it's not an actual album it's a grey clay selection) by William Henry Meung. I'm a big snowman liar! Enjoy!

24.01.2024 Artist in Residence: 16bard. Starting today 24th January 2024 at 12:00 and 23:00 GMT, and updated weekly on Wednesdays.

24.01.2024 Following the brilliant <1NTWRK guest DJ mix featuring Rauppwar, I am delighted to add the album ############################## to the mix today.

23.01.2024 So excited to be bringing you 18 tracks by Aotearoa's wonderful William Henry Meung et al. Enjoy!

23.01.2024 The brilliant Oscillator Suite by Neil O'Connor. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.

23.01.2024 Darling Zero by the poet and musician, DARDIS. Just added to the mix. Released on Adventurous Music

22.01.2024 A gorgeously pagan feeling addition to the mix today: The Ceremony by Anastasia Vronsky. Released on Eg0cide Productions.

21.01.2024 The latest album from the awesome Spukkopf - You Are What's Eating You, just added to the mix.

21.01.2024 Cavaglia by Violeta Vicci, a beautiful, subtly experimental environmental reflection inspired by an alpine valley. Released on Fabrique Records.

20.01.2024 Anna Clock's wonderful Umbra just added to the mix. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT

18.01.2024 EYE-EYE_-II-_IMMORTAL INFLUENCE - the debut album by the brilliant BMH added to the mix. Released on Colander.

17.01.2024 the first quiet details release of 2024, out today the ambient delights of Lapis by zaké.

16.01.2024 The Commune of Nightmares - the new album by David Wallraf - is 'a tapeloop-based musical game of cadavre exquis, a technique developed by surrealist artists.' Released on Karlrecords.