01.12.2023  Delighted to introduce a fascinating new sound project by UK artist Vorval, commencing with the track, Akla.

25.11.2023 Another gorgeous release from Tukhadus - Commotion.

'Noise is around us constantly, the euphoria is hidden under.'

23.11.2023. Tracks from Local Decoy Unit by Dogs versus Shadows just added to the mix.

23.11.2023. Tracks from Local Decoy Unit by Dogs versus Shadows just added to the mix.

21.11.2023  TONIGHT 9pm GMT the first Motif guest DJ show by Dogs versus Shadows, exclusively for grey clay radio. See schedule for details and repeat times.

21.11.2023  From Finland's Tukhadus, the swirling, evoctive single, eloonjäänyt maisema

20.11.2023  The new album, IMMOLATE by the consistently brilliant wilt just added to the mix. Released on the equally stellar  Broken Bottle Productions.

19.11.2023 The Urge to remain, Dogs versus Shadows' latest beautiful full-length release, just added to the mix.

17.11.2023  From the Off record label, the cool spaced sound of Lark Wool by Lark Wool.

16.11.2023  Payta's latest release, the organic, driving, utterly brilliant,  Embracing the quiet goodbye, just added to the mix.

16.11.2023 On Insta today

Volume 3 in the Jaycock/Burge series, on Human Geography Recordings. This excerpt: the phenomenally epic track, ‘a complex whole’.

15.11.2023 On Insta today

Ghost Stories - a deliciously dark album recently released on Dustopian Frequencies and featuring BMH, Megalithic Transport Network, The Holocene and (playing here) Everyday Dust.

15.11.2023  Out today on quiet details, Onde Sinusoi​̈​dale Et Bande Magne​́​tique by Tape Loop Orchestra.

14.11.2023 Symbols by Selfish Limbs is a fascinating idea and sound, made entirely from 5 different cymbals. Released on Adventurous Music.

14.11.2023 Today, I need the sound of Mila Cloud to make sense of things, so that's why it's today's Insta post. This beautiful track is called Sweet Mommy and is from her album, Long Way Back From The Familiar Place We've Never Been To, which was released in September this year.

13.11.2023 Insta reel. If you haven’t listened to this album I thoroughly thoroughly recommend you do. IOXIO by Pietro Zollo would be one of my top 10 albums of 2023. Just consistently improbable, beautiful and intriguing. Released on Adventurous Music.

12.11.2023 Today’s Insta treat: an excerpt from the track, ‘Electrodynamics’ by the brilliant 16bard taken from the album, Introduction to Electrodynamics, inspired by the textbook of the same name by David J Griffiths. Released on <1

12.11.2023  Another cracking Dogs versus Shadows album just added to the mix. Disappear into Documentarist!

11.11.2023  On the grey clay Instagram today, a slice of the brilliant slow_the_tape. This is ‘every memory is turned over and over again’ from the latest album a quiet remainder of the day. Enjoy!

11.11.2023  Made up to be playing Grey Frequency's latest incredible release, time and place. Out on Preston Capes.

10.11.2023  From Dogs versus Shadows, the stellar album, Daughter of Radium, just added to the mix!

10.11.2023 On Instagram today, from the warmly coiled album, Wire by Don Haugen, an excerpt from Wire I.

09.11.2023 On the Insta today -the superb AGALMA ISLE - playing an excerpt from ‘Dawn Walker’ from the album, Holds.

08.11.2023 Manuel Carbone's fabulous live set from the Relatives Schoensein 2 launch event in Leipzig (21.10.2023) Released on Adventurous Music.

07.11.2023 Delighted to be playing the new single by vacant possession - un_titled vier.

06.11.2023  Released last Friday, Apoptose 3 by various artists on the Off record label.Just added to the mix.

06.11.2023  So amazing to see the release of Welcome to Gaza by divergent artists including numerous grey clay regulars, on the <1 label in aid of the Red Cross in Israel and Gaza.

05.11.2023  Another very excellent Breeze Block Beats event last night in Frome at the Crown Inn. Huge respect to Stuart and Andrew for putting it on; Patrick for the visuals, plus artists:

04.11.2023  The 4th Relay Station album, the rarified, meditative 'Carrier Waves'. Released on Adventurous Music.

03.11.2023  On Insta today -AXIOME. On the supreme Syrphe Records label, RMX (by Aluviana). Playing an excerpt from the track, Axiome 365 Météore (lost in a tunnel mix).

03.11.2023  Apoptose 2 - The second in the superb compilation series just added to the mix. Released on Off.

03.11.2023 A Short Dream About Jupiter by Euan Dalgarno just landed. Released on Not Yet Remembered Records.

02.11.2023 The Insta posts are back! Today, an excerpt from the haunting ‘Parçalama’ by Sandra Zanetti.

02.11.2023 Jaycock/Burge - Vol 3 Systems. The superb third volume, released on Human Geography.

01.11.2023  Another soaringly beautiful release from LAST EDEN - Elysian Plain just added to the mix.

31.10.2023 From the Off record label, the first of 4 wonderful compilations titled Apoptose.

30.10.2023  Lednik Frontier's epic new split with Pavel Kozenkov just added to the mix. Released on <1.

29.10.2023 out on Mixcloud today, the superb <1 guest mix by Quatrefoil for Beware! The Radio, featuring numerous grey clay artists. Go get.

28.10.2023 INYAN's fabulous DJ set from the Relatives Schoensein 2 launch at Aquarium, Leipzig earlier this month. Out on Mixcloud.

27.10.2023  a very warm welcome to LAST EDEN with this incredible album, In Earth.Lose yourself!

25.10.2023 The new GoS tees just landed!

25.10.2023 The new GoS tees just landed!

25.10.2023 The new GoS tees just landed!

25.10.2023 The new 'toad away' windscreen sticker now in.

24.10.2023  Fuck Yeah, Goth (I'm Not A Papercup remix) by ∞ just added to the mix. Released on Museum of Viral Memory.

24.10.2023 Glad You're Not Here by payta just added.

24.10.2023 A very warm welcome to Cei Hill. Playing two excellent releases, PANORAMA and SURFACE STUDIES II

23.10.2023  Solar Symphonies - payta's recent  dynamic and emotional live performance at Dareshack, Bristol, arrives at  grey clay.