a 24/7 salad of dark electronic and obscure experimental sound

motif#6 -EDGE 9pm Tuesday 21st May 2024 [UK time]

Tuesdays 9pm & Saturdays 1pm, UK time. See schedule page for details.

The show is now available on the GCR Mixcloud.

<1NTWRK single artist mix 


Playing 9pm Sunday 19th May 2024 and 1am Thursday 23rd May 2024 (UK time)

Details on the schedule page.

The Recognition Test #342

The beautiful new show from Italy’s Unexplained Sounds Network. Sunday 19th May 9am & Thursday 23rd May 11pm UK time.

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The sweetly haunting mix by Signalstoerung of new music on the Adventurous Music label, for grey clay radio.

Playing Fridays 7pm and Mondays 5am, UK time, starting 10th May 2024.

See schedule page for track list.

deep motif.

A new show on grey clay, playing a selection of past motif show tracks for 2 hours, 3 times a week! See schedule page for more info.

Generative Wastelands 02

Saturday 4th May 2024 11pm and  Monday 6th May 7pm UK time - the second beautiful monthly sound journey for grey clay by Thomas Park.

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now playing              


All Stem and No Stalk


Dogs versus Shadows

Released January 2024


Dogs versus Shadows is a very familiar name on grey clay radio, being the DJ producer behind the hugely popular motif show. But he is also a very prolific and driven artist making dark experimental electronic music which is always original, fresh and unpredictable. One glance at the Bandcamp page shows an impressive body of work, not least 10 releases since January this year.

All Stem and No Stalk is an intriguing work that immediately stopped me in my tracks as it feels just so rounded and calm, almost muted, as if the whole album has been given a kind of 1930s autumnal glow film grading. The overall effect is fabulous and draws you in to its details and moods, of which there are many. The skill it takes to do something like this is undeniable and I can only compare DvS to that chef who takes just 2 or 3 familiar ingredients and produces a stunningly different flavour.

It is also a very short album (EP) at 20 minutes, that progresses through 8 tracks which ebb and flow like gently lapping waves on a shore and when played on repeat just seems to inhabit a warm, beautiful space between conscious and unconscious awareness. It also works extremely well on random play as each track is so sonically and thematically balanced.

In the album notes, All Stem and No Stalk is described as exploring some destroyed habitat that is now being used for ’sinister governmental purposes’. What these could be is left to the imagination and is as deliberately oblique an image as the title its self. Anyone who has read my featured album writings will know I always listen first and read afterwards. I had no problem assimilating my impressions with the given imagery, but it never actually demands this.

Like so much work by DvS, this is an incredibly ripe sound journey with a real joy of synthesis and sculpted tones for the senses to savour. Patches of structured rhythm and sprinklings of disembodied voice here and there work with looped, slightly more industrial vibes, to ensure that at any one moment there is some sense of foreground. It is somewhere in this, I suspect, that the elusive charm of the work sits.

Live with this album for a while.

Dogs versus Shadows was described by Electronic Sound Magazine as ‘a rare example of gamekeeper turned poacher’. He is based in Nottingham, UK.

T. Čelet [May 24]


The featured album plays daily at 5pm, 

UK time.

Artist in Residence: 16bard. Playing new work from the Forsyth Sessions every Wednesday at 12:00 and 23:00 BST.

Following the INNER DEMONS RECORDS 20th Anniversary special feature on grey clay, all 5 mixes by Signalstoerung that played during the week are now available on Mixcloud here. Enjoy!

new additions

29.05.2024 Circulating Memories by the brilliant  Kazuya Ishigami, just added to the mix. Released on Neotantra.


29.05.2024 The wonderfully rich journey that is Whettman Chelmets' A New Place. Released today on quiet details.


28.05.2024 New to grey clay, phoanøgramma & Luca Ferro with limen memoriae, a 'sonic journey through the depths of memory and liminal abandonment.' Released on Unexplained Sounds.


28.05.2024 From Stefan Dowsing, the haunting Evocation of Wandering Spirits.


27.05.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: All Stem and No Stalk By Dogs versus Shadows. 


25.05.2024 Psyche by Sanctuary, added to the mix. Released on Reverse Alignment.


25.05.2024 A warm welcome to Tulpa Twin from Austin, Texas with this superb album, Coping Strategies. Released on Adventurous Music.


24.05.2024 Strange Recital - the latest release by Lauré Lussier on Adventurous Music - inspired by the poem cycle of the same name by Canadian poet Émile Nelligan.


23.05.2024 From Leipzig, two beautiful field recordings: An evening in the pond by grey clay choir.


23.05.2024 The latest release from the ever brilliant Aftervolter, cirqu de signä.


23.05.2024 Ultra's second album, Zwei. Some 'rhythm & noise'  for the grey clay mix!


22.05.2024 Dogs versus Shadows presents motif#6 EDGE  - a show like you've never heard before. Mood, invention, wit, courage and heaps and heaps of the deepest, richest most velvety darkness on the planet. See Schedule Page for details.

Now available on the GCR Mixcloud.

22.05.2024 Concept, by Orlando's Bacon Grease added to the mix. Released on FORT EVIL FRUIT.