Artist Profiles L - Z


Oxfordshire-based experimental electronic soundscapes, inspired by folklore, musique concrète & reel to reel tape machines.

LAN Formatique

Seattle, Washington

Mawn turn yirself awn.


Composing experimental electronic music since 1999.

Lark Wool

After his Incidental Music period from the 80ties, Jack Ison started a new project in 2012: Lark Wool.


Last Eden is an experimental music project by multidisciplinary artist, Aileen Wallace. Wallace is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound artist. Last Eden unites her passion for ambient music, improvisation, and sound art using bespoke DIY microphones, cassette recorders, synthesizers, and an array of unusual performance methods, and tools, drawing from both the analog and digital realms. 

Late For Start

Late For Start is a collab project between Антон Сердотецков aka Tony Deus ( and Александр Бурцев aka Цветы Пустоты (

Lauré Lussier

I am a sound artist and composer. I merge electroacoustic language and tonal language. I think I baptized this fusion "Electrotonal Music"! I like to offer you music with references to sounds of familiar instrument, mixed with new and unknown electronic sounds, all in melodic mixtures of colors, intensity, textures, and emotions unique to each piece. I hope you enjoy and wish you a good listening!!


the [law-rah] collective

expect the unexpected, and even then you're way off ...

the [law-rah] collective is a (mostly) utrecht-based collective of artists working with words, sounds, rhythm, structure, chaos and anything we can get our hands on.

in the field of electronic music active since 2001, but the first seeds were planted in 1993.

"i wonder what the future holds"

- the sky's gone out, bauhaus 

Lednik Frontier

Saint Petersburg, 

RussiaAmbient/Drone/Dark Ambient

leeg bezit

On Vacant Possession Records

Leonhard Huhn

Leonhard Huhn. 

Alto Saxophone.




The Lifted Index

Atlanta, Georgia

The Lifted Index is an ambient electronic project from Daniel DeWitt. Based outside of Atlanta, Daniel creates music with synthesizers, voice, and electric guitar. Emphasizing texture and emotion, The Lifted Index conjures sonic worlds within songs.

Limestone Ziggurat

Dayton, Ohio


Loula Yorke

Weaving patterns into sound.

Lou Smith

Lou Smith is a multidisciplinary artist, based in South-East London. He is perhaps best known for his pioneering film and photography of the burgeoning South London underground rock scene, helping launch the careers of numerous new bands. 

His other interests/ skills  include Screenprinting, Jewellery-making and, importantly,  pondwatching.


LPF12 is a solo-project by german artist Sascha Lemon, creating cinematic Electronica.

Luca Ferro

Experimental Electronic music composer, sound designer and vector illustrator based in Milano (Italy).

Also Vocalist and keyboard (and electronic gears) player in Satori Junk Band.

Luiz Ser Eu

A big part of being alive for me is discovering and seeing the unheard sounds. Finding and hearing the emotions that still have no name. Music for me and painting are the same. And its truly alive. I am following its path. And it is following mine.

Luke Sanger

Sanger relentlessly re-invents the audio world surrounding him.



Malady of Knots

Wirral, UK

Experimental electroacoustic project beginning in 2009.

Manuel Carbone

Experimental sound recordist. Electroacoustic enthusiast. Abstract compositions, field recording, synths and tape loops.

maps and diagrams

"maps and diagrams" is well known in the world of electronic music. He releases on several labels such as Static Caravan, Expanding Records and Smallfish. In addition to that, he collaborated with many other labels, released tracks on compilations and did remixes. Apart from releasing music, he also co-runs Cactus Island Recordings with Steve Broca.

Mario Lino Stancati

Milan, Italy

Mark Hjorthoy aka The Deep Bleed

Recording Artist/Sound Designer/Visual Artist/Writer & Radio Interviewer fromVancouver, B.C. Canada. I make music on my own under my name, as well as The Deep Bleed. I also work with Dan and Cristina Handrabur, and Don Verbrilli as Blinking Things. Sometimes with Don Verbrilli as Telefuzz. I can be found on record labels all over the world. It’s nice to meet you.

Marla Van Horn

Marla Van Horn (M.Weiss) is a Poland/Finland based artist, musician, singer with an unique and mesmerising style. Blending her skills in between traditional art, photography, digital art, music and a short movies into the emotional, dark creations.

Mati Pirsztuk

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentinian experimental musician, composer and audiovisual artist. He incorporates different styles such as avant-garde, jazz, krautrock, field recording and Berlin school. Along with music, he works as a film director and painter.'


matter_as_form is an admirer of frequency. She lives in Cape Town, works at a bookshop, and writes a bit.

Matthew Greasley

Devon, UK

Electronic music artist.

Mawethu Mapotolo

umrhubhe poet.

Mawethu Mapotolo was born and raised in Cape Town and was exposed to visual and performance art at a very young age. He is fueled by the sound of the umrhubhe – the mouthbow he has played since first picking it up in the Eastern Cape in 1994. Mawethu passionately promotes this instrument to young people in townships and urban areas around Cape Town via events, workshops, conferences and festivals, sharing stages with legends of African music like Dizu Plaatjies, Pops Mohamed and Madosini. 

Megalithic Transport Network / Martyn Stonehouse


Digital Artist & Composer for visual media.



Meipr is a duo with Henrik Meierkord on cello and strings and Peter Josefsson on synthesizers.

Michael Grunditz

Michael Grunditz is a Swedish composer producing contemporary classic and ambient/experimental minimalism.

Mig Inc

Bordeaux, France


ꇙ꒐ꋊꉔꏂ 2007

Mila Cloud

Mila is the ghost of a housewife from Warsaw, Poland, who plays and records instrumental songs in the dronegaze / doomgaze /cloudgaze style. Mila likes smoking on the balcony, playing ghostly songs and watching short YouTube videos like "5 Terrifying Waves Caught on Tape" or "10 Biggest Waves Ever Recorded". She likes fuzzes, delays, phasers and other quirks. Sleepwalking.

Miles Otto

Miles Otto mixes experimental ideologies with tried and tested dance music languages using a variety of electronic hardwareinstruments. Described as 'Retrofuturist' by Electronic Sound Mag, Miles Looks ahead whilst paying respect for whats behind.

Millions Of Dead Tourists

Millions of Dead Tourists uses and abuses synths, pedal effects, 2 bass guitars, laptop, sequencer and 3 humans.

Mntana Wexhwele

Cape Town, South Africa

UMntana.WeXhwele, uNgaxabane Rhibela bhabha Nomhlelo, – Dlovu, Tlou ha e ke morwal - A listener of traditionally inherited dreamscapes, sonic vibrations and messages. A vessel and servant of indigenous energies, attained through afro-spiritual sonic meditations and chants. Through these sound vibrations he brings forth his penance for life” 

Modulator ESP

Nottingham, UK

Modulator ESP is an adventurer in sound. He produces improvisedexperimental soundscapes, using synthesizers, sampling, sequencing, looping and processing to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between ambient, berlin school, drone, space music and noise. All albums are recorded live for Adventures In Sound or at other performances. Contact me if you want CDRs of any albums. 

Mombi Yuleman

Raleigh, North Carolina

Producer of Dark Ambient, Horror Soundtracks and Psytrance (Dark, Dark Progressive, & Twilight)


Oslo, Norway

«Risk music» An improvising and exploratory musician. Experimental music with a strong focus on sonic extremities such heard in harsh noise music. With a background as a guitarist and later on a jazz academic, a liberating leap into the unfathomable noise music served as a welcoming outlet for a much more direct and raw artistic and personal contribution. From time to time in collaboration with other art forms, constantly composing, touring and producing music.

Morgan Wurde

Ethereal drama.

Setting the unfathomable wonder of the Dasein to emotive music, creating the "Morgen Wurde" form ofhaunting lyric soundscapes. The majestic and threatening ambivalence of the forces of nature, set to dark romantic fusions of ambient and neo-classical music. 

Morin Heights Doom Quintet

Morin Heights Doom Quintet are artists of different bands from all over the world. 

Mosaic Runes

Bel Air, Maryland


A collection of sounds that create textural ambiences and off kilter beats.

Mutant Beatniks

Bath, UK

The Mutant Beatniks was started with the idea to produce short form pieces of Music Concrete, Noise Music with an edge towards outsider pop and breakbeat. Mutant Beatniks started in 1986 with a ever changing line up, . Since there have been many times of inactivity, while other side projects, and lots of recordings have been lost down the years. 


Ambient music intertwined with melodic electronics, slide guitar, textured drones, degraded soundscapes, blips, and lush ambience wash over deep analogue bass.

Neil O'Connor

Researcher and composer Neil O Connor (b.1979) has been involved in experimental, electronic & electro-acoustic music for the past two decades and has performed in Ireland, Europe, Australia, Asia and the US with projects such as Somadrone and more recently, Ordnance Survey.His work was been performed at MOMA New York, IRCAM Paris, Institute of Contemporary Art, London and has held residencies at the Massachusetts Museum of Modern Art and EMS – Swedish Institute of Electro-Acoustic Music, Stockholm, Sweden and has worked / collaborated with members of the Crash Ensemble, RTE Symphony Orchestra, Phillip Glass Ensemble and the Glenn Branca Ensemble. 


Los Angeles, California

Ambient and Electronic Noise

Nicolas Tourney

Nicolas Tourney sound works are made of visions, where acoustic phenomena and memory topography shape the listener’sperception of music & noise. His approach invites us to cross appearances, and draws the outlines of an idiom that questions the boundaries of the audible.

Nihil Impvlse

Charting the void of existence through dark electronics and death industrial.

Nina Kardec


"Naître, mourir, renaître encore et progresser sans cesse, telle est la Loi". ("To be born, to die, to be reborn again and constantly progress, such is the Law".

Nina Kardec has been producing electronic music since 2005. You can listen to her works like you would watch a Kenneth Anger or Stanley's Kubrick's movie with their shades of darkness and lights.


While TENbient takes its name from “ambient,” it goes beyond ambient music moving into territories of electronica, noise, drone and improvisation, to reflect the diversity of the contemporary underground music scene in Tokyo. The participants of this session are Cixa, Kentaro Nagata, Rhucle, Yama Yuki, yk (Hello 1103) and Yu Ogu . Without any prior consultation, the session flows naturally, ending up incorporating elements of ambient, electroacoustic music, noise, space rock, and various forms of improvised music. 


Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nobey One

Texarkana, Texas, USA

Bleep bloop

Noise Hangover



Nicolas A.

Geneva, Switzerland & Thailand


South Africa

...spawned from a crack in the ceiling...



Based in Nottingham UK, home made electronics and noise by Gerry Carnelly.


Nühn was founded on July 31. Long career since 2001, first experimenting and working to get optimus level and without releasing much stuff, only in the hard drive for the first 8 years from the start. Today it has several references and features onto international media from many years at the controls. - Wanted to express mediadly audio experimentation the function of the frequencies that evolve the electronic music. This has mathematician aspects on the employ of sound. 


Leipzig, Germany

Defying common sense, one note at a time.


Artist, Yuki UCHIMURA. Working in photography and music. Based in Kamakura, Japan.


Koblenz, Germany

A guitar, a modular synth, a piano, a fieldrecorder and a four-track-tape are Oberlin´s most important vehicles.


Collaboration by Ian Hawgood and Craig Tattersall for their album, frost forms, on quiet details.


OdNu is the musical alias of Michel Mazza. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently residing in Hudson, NY. Michel’s compositions are a constant experiment and interplay of instruments, different techniques, electronics and his moods and feelings.  


Opole, Poland


OTP is a collaboration of <1 & otepsia

The Owl

Sound and visual experiments since 1994, as The Owl from October 2018


Tehran, Iran

Composer/ Classically-trained and experimental-electronic musician (Drone/ Ambient/ Noise music)/ mix-engineer/ label-manager from Iran.

Paolo Calabrese

paolo calabrese is an italian artist whose work mostly encompasses recordings, phonographies, and performances.

his main focus is on sound capacities: unconventional tunings, exploration of psychoacoustic properties, and perceptions phenomena.

Paolo L Bandera

Milan, Italy 

REALISM.... Language Noise & Apocalypse Tools from P.NG5361.BANDERA of SIGILLUM S, SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS and many other acoustic oddities.

Parallel Worlds

Downtempo/ambient/dark electronica artist group from Athens, specializing in vintage analogue modular synths, analogue sequences and dreamy soundscapes. Parallel Worlds are the main project of Bakis Sirros (with some ocassional collaborators). They were originaly born in 1994. 

Influences have been the music of Autechre, Plaid, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Pete Namlook, Biosphere, Plone, Brian Eno, Seefeel and other experimental artists.



Experimental electronic music artist using a range of analog hardware.


Chicago, Illinois

Phoan/ phoanøgramma

Phoan is the solo project of Angelo Panebianco, sound designer & experimental electronic music composer based in Milan (Italy).

I also collaborate with Macrogramma under the alias Phoanøgramma.


Plant43 (Emile Facey). Tresor resident. All booking enquiries: mike@berytus.artPlease contact emile@plant43.comfor anything else including remixes.


Saint Petersburg, Russia

Pleistocene Megafauna

Folkestone, UK

Improvised electronic music using analogue and digital synthesis with organic samples.


Cymro swnllyd 

Welshman making Electronic Music in Nottingham. Ambient/Techno/Electro/Experimental/Whatevs


Chicago, Illinois

Formant/Vocal synthesis and radiophonic workshop hell collide in a drone/industrial collaboration POLIVOKS featuring Death Tape Super Bass (US) and Less Than One (UK).


Oakland, United States.

30 years of procrastination and now this...


Milan, Italy

PUMA is an electro/noise Italian project by Luca Valisi (bassist and guitarist for the bands Mechanics For Dreamers, L'Océan, and Ludmila) in collaboration with Monica Calanni Rindina (a designer, writer, and event creator known as “Mamolifestyle”).


Pupa is an electronic improv duo from Singapore, comprising of Wu Jun Han and Zeekos Perakos. When time and space permits, they get together to play and record music. Both members like cats.


Quatrefoil is an ambient / experimental project from Croatia exploring the possibilities of manipulated field recordings combined with processed instruments.


Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Founding member of the pioneering industrial group :zoviet*france:

In 1992 began solo project rapoon. To date numerous solo albums.

A noted visual artist and animator, Storey's work has been exhibited throughout the world.


RS, Brazil

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Industrial , Sci-Fi and Harshnoise.


Most, Czechia

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Noise * But Were Afraid to Download

Solo recordings by Czech noisemaker since 1994.

Red Alien

West London project since 1995.

Relay Station

Reverse Server

Reverse Server explores sounds of noise and feedbacks, with a strong focus on wave folding and FM modulation. Resulting arrhythmic and texture-heavy sound pieces were improvised and recorded at the Beirut Synth Center in Mar Mikhael, Beirut.

Robert Scott Thompson

The term musical alchemist best describes modern music composer Robert Scott Thompson. Combining his mastery of the electroacoustic, contemporary instrumental, and avant-garde genres into a swirling cohesive whole, he is an important pioneer on music's new frontier. 

Roslyn Steer

Roslyn Steer is a musician based in Coolyduff, Co. Cork.

Ryo Murakami

Osaka, Japan

Ryo Utasato

Ryo aka Ryo Utasato is a Japanese composer and singer/songwriter with a rich body of work that runs the gamut from electronica to ambient to world to rock and beyond.

The expanse and tremendous scale of her music is capable of taking us from one part of the globe to another, just by closing our eyes. 


Bordeaux, France

♥ retraite à 18 ans ♥


Opole, Poland

Blues is the beginning.
Electricity is the soul.
Noise is the breathe.

SAM is the one man projet by Marcin Kaczmarek, recording strange blues since 2016.

Sam Quinn

Exmoor, UK


Rick Hopkinson. Music making geek & lover of Ambient / Dark Ambient & Film Score music.

Sandra Zanetti

Zanetti’s practice explores the impacts, duality, and dynamics of ever-present issues and their links to political ideologies and catastrophism.


Regensburg, Germany

S. Costa

 S.Costa is an experimental synthesist and producer based in the South West of England. 

After spending his formative years playing guitar, he turned to modular synthesis in 2020. His practice combines analog and digital synthesis techniques,  juxtaposing sounds inspired by the natural world with otherworldly,  playful (often strange) textures and tones to invoke themes of landscape,  memory and love. 


'Seabuckthorn' is the solo work of Andy Cartwright. 

Exploring various approaches on guitars, with fingerpicking, bowing and slides, often with layered accompaniments

Secret Nuclear

About Secret Nuclear

“A disturbing echo of cold war paranoia” - Electronic Sound Magazine

Secret Nuclear is the artist name of Surrey based musician Tim Spear. Secret Nuclear explores experimental electronic music and sound, from woozy minimalism, treated field recordings and loops through to all-out noise.

Selfish Limbs

Sparking the passion for modified methods in creating

Sense of Self

Montreal, Québec

the sum of all neglects

Sermons By The Devil

New Jersey, USA

Official House Band of the Apocalypse.

Shaun Robert

Shaun Robert (1966 - ) has been working with sound from an early age , a natural extension of play. Starting like many with a domestic tape recorder ; years finger poised on the pause button ; tunnelling into the present & falling into deep concentration ; in a trance of coloured sound trials ; impromptu expressions processed & filtered into moments of congealed sound ; also using field recording , in voxpop & audio voyeurism , of hauntological stylings , spoken word & singing. Falling apart to come together ; feeling the next transition is about to happen , tape phasing sound on sound ; skimming back to make collusion edits ; building deep relationships with that aesthetic ; this interaction shows itself in within all his works . And the importance of sounds from analogue radio , magnetic tape manipulation can not be understated. 

Sigillum S

SIGILLUM S, have been covering unknown territories among extreme electronics, fringe acoustics and occultist noise since1985.

The result has been an endless series of mutations, where, from the droning ritualism and ethnic explorations of the late ‘80s through the surreal science fiction soundtracks of the ‘90s, they have arrived at the super deep complexity of the new millennium.  

Sir Ravana

In a Word: Mystical

In a sense, electronic music is a vacuum  - the entire damn genre started off as nothing more than a series of electrical inventions which gained popularity after composers applied them to their own cultures. New Delhi-based artist Ravana, named after the antagonist of Valmiki’s epic poem Ramayana, follows in these classics’ footsteps to re-imagine their music. 


Physicist and musician. This project is about creating sound worlds which move me, and hopefully, others.

I believe my music is appreciated in a fuller way if it is listened to in a silent environment, without distractions.

Slow Draw

Slow Draw is an apt descriptor for its own relaxed presence. This project provides ambient soundscapes, lightly steeped in exploratory psych and the meditative drawn-out cadence of drone.


Stirling, UK

solo guitar project of scottish musician / songwriter andrew howie

on-the-fly sonic chronicles, combining expansive textures with drifting, fragile loops of distorted & delicate electric guitar

Slow Reels

Ian Hawgood and James Murray began Slow Reels in 2018 from studios in London and Warsaw. 

Their music is typically sourced from vintage synths with reiterative digital manipulations and successive destructive passes through an end-of-life reel-to-reel tape setup resulting in a collection of entirely unrepeatable drone suites.

Their music has been released on Morr Music and Fluid Audio.  


"Musical and visual artist from the UK who explores the sounds of IDM, experimental jazz, jungle and more with sampling as her greatest weapon"

Soloman Tump

England, UK

Dismal Electronics, drone and noise.

Chaos // entropy // lore // rhythm // industry // nature


On Ryu Recordings.

Sommerfeld brings fine detailed structure to this EP, a constant high level of work to each track , giving it a seemingly dimensionless quality, an angular momentum, which harmonises the strength of electromagnetic force governing the shape of the EP with the interaction of spectral lines and experimental sounds. A diffraction, a propagation, of audio that makes up the standard model of these electrically charged tracks.


SONOLOGYST is the solo project of Raffaele Pezzella. With a primary focus on the interplay between music and contemporarymythologies, Sonologyst's music traverses a spectrum between Fortean documentary-style soundscapes and the sculpting of post-industrial auditory experiences. 


New Delhi, India



Spectral (of Europe) is the sound project of Gavin W. Semple; Spectral can last up to 200% longer than the next leading band! Brings new shine to tired, lifeless air...

Spike Dott

Spike Dott is an experimental electrosonic voyager; blending hypnotic and ethereal sounds from a Lo-Fi palette of circuitry, the natural world and found objects, Spike Dott's music is a journey into dark, fuzzy worlds of magic found in the everyday.


Broken, unreal puppet flailing...

— — — —

Founded on February 20, 2020.

— — — —

Stefan Dowsing

Ambient, filmic sometimes dark music.

Stephanie Merchak

Stephanie Merchak is a composer, sound designer, improviser and performer with an academic background in music. Since the early 2000s, she has been bringing her own touch of experimentalism while exploring different music genres and techniques.  


S.Papagrigoriou is a writer, a visual and sound artist. His different skills and capacities are in constant conversation in his practice, as evidenced in his use of various media such as painting, sculpture, installations, literary text, sound &digital video. His work tackles issues revolving mainly around the theme of the human form, as well as the deformations which the latter may suffer.  

Sunken Lanes

'...sunken lanes have been here a long, long time'

Tape Loop Orchestra

Manchester, UK

Project of Andrew Hargreaves

Tape Noise

Lincoln, UK (Weird Garden)

Study of Anomaly; Over Consumption Dichotomy, Anti-Algorithm; ONeOFF, Data Feudal, Weird Garden.

The Tapes

The project "The Tapes" by Giancarlo Drago developed over a span of 10 years, between 1982 and 1992, before being revived in 2016 in Genoa, Italy. 


Dublin based electronic music producer

TEMBER Ensemble

Tember is a Transcultural Electroacoustic Music Ensemble formed in Berlin by Alireza Ostovar (composer, producer & live-electronics performer) to create innovative music with new sound timbre and unique atmospheres using both traditional and contemporary (electroacoustic) music elements and techniques. Tember collaborates with international guest musicians.

Terminal Optimism

Tetsuroh Konishi

Tetsuroh Konishi is one of the leading Japanese trumpet player/composer/improviser. 

He has composed music for danceperformances in Canada, USA, Korea, as well as in Japan. These compositions won him very high critic reviews in the media. He has composed music for NHK TV and Radio programs and more recently had some of his music on the latest Mika Kaurismäki movie. He is based in Tokyo.  

Thanato Twist with Oleg's Sound System

Musique Synthétique & Erroriste / Improvisations (France) 

Thanato Twist with Oleg's Sound System is the meeting between Kortane Cortex aka Thanatomitsu V.02   & Ayato aka Thanatogushi ID.


Master of Madness Thedi, who is known for KiEw, 13th Monkey, Kotze in Einkaufswagen Krummhörens Kuhlen and more delivers you under his 'real' name ambient, noise, drones, field recordings and experimental stuff.

Thierry Arnal

Thierry Arnal (musician/visual artist) is a french based composer (Lyon, France) active since 2006 and principally working with field recordings, sound collage and computers

This is what I hear when you talk

(On Thirty Five Records)


if mental illness had a soundtrack.

created as part of my grieving process. not sure it's working.


Thollem is a perpetually traveling pianist, keyboardist, composer, improviser, singer-songwriter, activist, author and teacher, he's spent most of his life living on the road throughout North America and Europe. His work is ever-changing, evolving and responding to the times and his experiences, both as a soloist and in collaboration with hundreds of artists across idioms and disciplines. Thollem's known internationally as an acoustic piano player in the free jazz and post-classical worlds, as the lead vocalist for the Italian agit-punk band Tsigoti and as an electronic keyboardist through a multitude of projects. 

Thrill Behind The Barks

Minneapolis, Minnesota

TBB is Jason Herrboldt (, Divider Line (, and The Creeping Man ( Influences include Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Andrew Liles, Nurse With Wound, The the, The Art of Noise, Yello, Yaz, Gary Numan, Suicide, Bessie Jones, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, and Godheadsilo.  


Leipzig, Germany


Ronkonkoma, New York. USA

NY-based producer that has managed to capture the attention of electronic music audiophiles and critics alike with his first release for Tympanik Audio titled ‘eLekatota - The Other Side Of The Tracks‘ in early 2008. When he’s not putting out noisy breakcore-tingled industrial under his main project Synth-etik (Hands Productions), Frank focuses on the deeper elements of electronic sound structure with his prolific project Totakeke.

Tremor Hex

Tremor Hex is feedbacking drone from Hamburg City. The duo combines Super 8 and Hi8 visuals with massive bass and guitar driven soundscapes to create an encompassing audiovisual experience. The focus is clearly anti-fascist and anti-nationalist.



TUKAHDUS is a Finland based sound experimentalist who is breaking the boundaries between the dark ambient, electronic and metal music.

Tulpa Twin

Tulpa Twin is a musician from Austin, Texas with releases on many labels, such as arrhythNia, Not Yet Remembered, Abyssal Productions, Move Quiet and Anticipating Nowhere.

turista digital

Valdivia, Chile

Making noises since dreams have existed.


Ultra /'ʌltrə/ is a solo music band project initiated in 2019 in a period of mourning. It produces gloomy electronic music with an inevitable urge to hit the dance floor. The style is deeply rooted in Power Noise (Rhythm 'n' Noise). Ultra is a synthesis of artistic concepts, which isn't limited to the boundaries of music. Noises evolve to connect different art forms.