Know the Toad

The toad drinks through its skin. Just sits in the water and drinks. 

grey clay radio is like the toad. 

grey clay frees you from 'on-demand',  and just is. Turn it on or turn it off. It never stops. 

Toads don't care if you like them. 

The music you hear is made by artists who make the sounds they want to hear. The world of commercial music and everything that means is another place, not this one. No beauty contests. No measurement. Just refreshingly independent,  dark, electronic/experimental music, sound and words, served to you 24/7 on your device of choice.

There are no adverts.

You will find links to artists' other sites where you can buy their work.

grey clay radio has an instagram account

Guest DJ mixes on grey clay radio may be found on Mixcloud

grey clay radio is listed in the Icecast directory.

grey clay radio is registered with MyTuner Radio. As such it can be invoked on Alexa devices that have the free MyTuner Radio skill enabled. ("Alexa, ask MyTuner Radio to play grey clay radio.")

Direct stream:

All broadcast material is protected by universal copyright laws.    All broadcast material remains the property of the artist.

If you are an artist, or a toad, and would like to contribute to the schedule, you can email:

Kiss the Toad

If you are an artist or label interested in having your music in the grey clay radio schedule there are some things you really should know...

grey clay radio is 100% non-commercial.

No money changes hands, no money is made by the station at all. Zero. It exists purely for the love of these exquisite sounds and to promote the artists played.

grey clay does not play songs. Voice, words, chants, invocations, summonings and recorded speech are fine. Not songs.

You will hear many beats but the station is not the natural home of dance music.

grey clay is not interested in discussing the definitions of 'dark' or 'electronic'. For the word 'experimental' however, you may read exploratory in the sense that the essence of the music is at least in some degree freed from obvious expectations. 

Noise is music. HNW (harsh noise wall) genre is not played on the station.

All the artists played own their own copyrights and have given permission for playing directly to the station or by arrangement through their label.

All artists played, and many labels and entities  (the friendly ones), have a profile on this website with links to their Bandcamp/Soundcloud etc sites so that listeners can connect directly to purchase music they like. Sales are happening but grey clay radio its self has no part in this, aside from making it simple for listeners to find what they want.

In addition, label signings and artist collaborations are also happening through grey clay and the station is always happy to try to connect people to each other.

If all this sounds OK to you... hello.