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Following the INNER DEMONS RECORDS 20th Anniversary special feature on grey clay, all 5 mixes by Signalstoerung that played during the week are now available on Mixcloud here. Enjoy!



An utterly sublime new mix by Signalstoerung of new tracks on the Adventurous Music label.

Playing Fridays 7pm BST and Mondays 5am BST starting 5th April 2024.

See schedule page for track list.

<1NTWRK guest DJ mix: 

Reclamation 05

Playing 9pm Sunday 7th April 2024 and 1am Thursday 11th March 2024 (BST)

Details on the schedule page.

The show is now available on the GCR Mixcloud.

Generative Wastelands 

a new monthly show on grey clay by Thomas Park starting Saturday 6th April.

Saturdays 11pm and Mondays 7pm BST

Details on the schedule page

The Recognition Test

A new show on grey clay radio from Italy’s Unexplained Sounds Group. Sunday 7th April 9am & Thursday 11th April 11pm UK time.

Details on the schedule page

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Calma para Nós


Luiz Ser Eu

Released 29.03.2024


Calma para Nós is a 28-track album playing 2 hours 50 minutes of diverse, jazz infused, experimental electronic/ electroacoustic composition by Luiz Ser Eu. The fact that this feature slot maxes out at 2 hours means, agonisingly, I am unable to play the entire album but 2 hours should certainly whet the appetite!

Where to start? Pulso - the opening track, introduces the lightness of touch, melodic atonality (through piano, guitar and woodwind) and the rhythmic assuredness that feature across the entire album in different ways, but interestingly also has voice.

Typically, the following track, cheiro de chuva, cheiro de vida takes you somewhere completely different in its gorgeously intoxicating looped electronic dreamy way; somewhere I have wanted to go back to time after time. Then comes one of the most haunting tracks, bonnatriz, which creates a totally unexpected state of relaxed uncertainty - like, if this was a film soundtrack, you would be exploring the glistening crystal interior of some creature’s mountain cave laboratory. For sure.

The album proceeds through a rainbow of moods like this, with a wild unpredictability, freshness but also warmth. The drunkenness of random discord married to a melodic and rhythmic order that never quite falls over, never quite becomes fixed. Whilst there are several tracks that jump with the full instrumental palette, there are also many many in which the artist demonstrates the masterful command of simplicity, where a single sound can carry the moment and take you right into it. 

One moment you are being affectionately tickled by impish synth burbles laid over jazz double bass and drums, the next you are thrust into a storm of detuned piano notes that gradually lean towards some order before disintegrating like a dying musical box in pizzicato slow-mo.

The track, rainy day stands out for me as well for its rising, swelling, plunging tonality, minimal palette and the fact he keeps it going for 15 wonderful drifting minutes, without breaking the spell or feeling the need to take it anywhere else, before snapping it off at the end.

This is a huge album, and I’m not talking about the length of it. The sheer vastness of moods and spaces it takes you to; the variety of constructions; musicianship; use and abuse of theory. It will challenge you in places, delight and enchant in others, but never falls into self-indulgence or lazy formula. So much has gone into it, it is almost impossible to do justice to it here. For most artists this would have been 3 or 4 albums but the fact that this artist gives it to you whole like this is as bold and generous as the music.

Multi-instrumentalist, multi-disciplinary artist Luiz Ser Eu is currently based in Brazil and has been making music ‘non-stop for 8 years’. 

In his bio on this website he writes, ‘A big part of being alive for me is discovering and seeing the unheard sounds. Finding and hearing the emotions that still have no name.’ 

(T.Čelet Apr24)


The featured album plays daily at 5pm, 

UK time.

Artist in Residence: 16bard. Playing new work from the Forsyth Sessions every Wednesday at 12:00 and 23:00 BST.

new additions

14.04.2024 Angel Breathe In Sighs, the darkly atmospheric new album by Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood.


13.04.2024 The fascinating Theatre of Ampheng by Singapore's Irving Paul Pereira (aka Aftervolter) for your weekend pleasure!


13.04.2024 Again from the truly wonderful album, Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Far East, on the Unexplained Sounds label, another new artist for grey clay, Irving Paul Pereira's  maybe there is a disco


13.04.2024 FEATURED ALBUM: Calma para Nós by Luiz Ser Eu. Released 29.03.2024


12.04.2024 Invisible Wounds by Chunyang Yao added to the mix.


12.04.2024 From the incredible album, Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Far East, on the Unexplained Sounds label, this track by Chunyang Yao - Remnant.


11.04.2024 Just loving this track (02) from the album Café Carne by Ibiza Shock Troops. Released on Inner Demons Records.


11.04.2024 Made up to be playing the fabulous new album from Sermons by the Devil, Baptism of Desire.


10.04.2024 D2 - the next album by Chile's Ap Ducal to land at grey clay. Released by Weisskalt Records.


10.04.2024 Rehpic Llib - cheeky little number from late 2023 by the brilliant Hypnotic Transmissions that somehow slipped by me!


08.04.2024 The next addition to the schedule from Luiz Ser Eu. An amazing experimental, jazzy escapade called, Cãozinho T​ê​nis Marrom.