a 24/7 salad of dark electronic and obscure experimental sound

the last sound I hear before falling asleep 

A global voicescape production by Manuel Carbone exclusively for grey clay radio, composed using night time voice recordings and sounds by artists around the world.

Playing 10pm Wednesdays and Fridays, UK time.


The very latest mix by Signalstoerung of new work on the Adventurous Music label.

A glittering feast of experimental music, subtle soundscapes and distant atmospheres.

Repeating Fridays, 7pm and Mondays, 5am [UK time]

See schedule page for track list.


Starting 9pm Monday 3rd June, UK time.

A brooding new bimonthly guest mix for grey clay by Thierry Arnal. Mondays, 9pm & Fridays 3am, UK time.

Details on the schedule page.

Raffaele Pezzella’s 

The Recognition Test - show #343

9am Sunday 2nd June, repeated 11pm Thursday 6th June [UK time] on grey clay radio.

Dive into a warm ocean of sound with Italy’s Unexplained Sounds Network.

Details on the schedule page.

<1NTWRK guest DJ mix on grey clay radio- 


Playing 9pm Sunday 2nd June 2024 and 1am Thursday 6th June  2024 (UK time)

Details on the schedule page.

Generative Wastelands 03

Saturday 1st June 2024 11pm and  Monday 3rd June 7pm UK time - the third ingenious episode of this fabulous show for grey clay by Thomas Park.

Details on the schedule page

motif#6 -EDGE 

Tuesdays 9pm & Saturdays 1pm, UK time. 

See schedule page for details.

The show is now available on the GCR Mixcloud.

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Qurv Trysr



Released 07.06.2024 

on Point Source Electronic Arts

Qurv Trysr by MTCH is a 9 track, 49 minute album of experimental electronic music. It is like watching gently falling snow at night in torch light - occasional flurries; seeming lulls and persistent, steady accumulation. 

Each fascinating track is intricately constructed from small fragments of synthesised sound which, due to their largely staccato nature, initially, give the impression of random flakes scattered in time, but this would be to miss something important about it, and about snow. 

In fact, the unaccustomed listener could be distracted by the stylistic nature of the composition. However, they will gradually become more aware of the sustained drones and tones underlying the apparent snowstorm. Gently a sense emerges, a language, over the progress of tracks, as everything starts to work together in all its abstract beauty.

Accompanying the album were some notes that stated, ‘It is the sound of crackling electrons burning winding pathways through broken logic circuits, the dry sizzle of overclocked and overheated chips streaming torrents of corrupted data, fragmented and nearly incomprehensible.‘  But there is no final explosion. In fact as you reach the middle of the album, things have slowed and thinned out considerably. The sound palette is continuous but the pace has dropped, creating just enough space for the listener to feel more how the rhythmic elements in music like this work.

Some of the later tracks take the intensity down another notch or two and the drones up somewhat so that the subtleties that emerge reveal a whole other emotionally detailed level to the work that you realise was there all along.

Despite being a very even-tempered album in some ways, each track is very different. The language is quite consistently enunciated but the point changes. Time invested in getting this is well rewarded. 

Qurv Trysr may not give up its nectar to everyone immediately, but if you dwell in it for a while you might just catch a snowflake on your tongue.

MTCH is the project of Mitch Cramer who is based in the US.


T.Čelet (June 24)

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The featured album plays daily at 5pm, UK time.

Artist in Residence: 16bard. Playing new work from the Forsyth Sessions every Wednesday at 12:00 and 23:00 BST.

Following the INNER DEMONS RECORDS 20th Anniversary special feature on grey clay, all 5 mixes by Signalstoerung that played during the week are now available on Mixcloud here. Enjoy!

deep motif.

Selections of past motif show tracks, playing for 2 hours, 3 times a week! See schedule page for more info.

new additions

13.06.2024 Metanoia by WHYDARDII, added to the mix.


12.06.2024 A warm welcome to S. Costa with this fabulous electronic treat, The Radiant Point.


12.06.2024 Another selection of tracks by Down Chamber, this time from the album Fragments of Dissonance.


11.06.2024 The latest from Thierry Arnal, Brume. Released on Adventurous Music.


11.06.2024 Something refreshingly different, BAD by Sam.


10.06.2024 A substantial new release from Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood, Motion To Oblivion.


09.06.2024 Ultra with Sven Phalanx - Übergang.


09.06.2024 Tracks from Down Chamber's Kindred Viricide album added to the mix.


08.06.2024 A beautiful new EP from the Inner Demons Records label, Manifeste Sonore pour un Sommeil R​é​volutionnaire by Saisho最小.


07.06.2024 From May this year, Dogs versus Shadows' moody and moving EP, exemplar of a new time.


05.06.2024 Tracks from The Eventual Coalesce by Down Chamber, added to the mix.


05.06.2024 The next addition from Karma Please, the fabulously melancholic, Gwirith.


04.06.2024 Submerging - a track from the album, Dead Reckoning by Down Chamber, just added to the mix.


04.06.2024 A delicate and deep release from Oberlin - The Softest Lace. Released on Perceptual Tapes.