Label & Artist Profiles

BMH & Jettenbach at Breeze Block Beats, Frome UK (18.03.2023)

Brighton, UK

New York, USA


Leipzig, Germany

Berlin, Germany

so cool to see Frome listed on the Drone Day 2023 list!

Buderim, Australia

Prairie City, Oregon USA

Rab, Croatia

Kent, UK

Frome, UK

Derby, UK

Nottingham, UK

Oxford, UK

California, USA

Rab, Croatia

Devon, UK

Kent, UK

New York, USA

couldn't resist...

Zagreb, Croatia

Texas, USA

Tours, France

London, UK

California, USA

Toronto, Canada

Manchester, UK

Marbella, Spain

London, UK

California, USA

California, USA

California, USA

California, USA

Manchester, UK

Manchester, UK

Manchester, UK

Frome, UK

Frome, UK

London, UK

London, UK

Texas, USA

Dublin, ROI

Some AI toad-love from 'gods of synth'/andytuohydesign!

Malaga, Spain

Dalston, London, UK

Turku, Finland

Hamilton, Canada

Frome, UK

Boulder, Colorado. USA

Madison, WI, USA

Acousmatique Recordings



Immersive Audio

Musique Concrete

West Coast.

Adventurous Music

Music label. Leipzig, Germany

Adventurous Music is a non-profit artist collective that has evolved from some different other artist groups around the beginning of the 21st century. By then, these artists had already been organizing audio-visual events in outstanding locations such as monuments, galleries, and museums as well as in clubs, bars, and cafes, and they continue to do so.

Since 2013, Adventurous Music has also created a bi-monthly podcast featuring music by artists and on labels we enjoy.

In 2019, we started our own non-profit micro-label focusing on the release of experimental electronic music. As a format, we exclusively chose limited printed goods (such as cards and books in small editions of < 100) that include visual artwork and a download code for the music.

Amp Records

Netlabel based in Guadalajara México. This netlabel focuses on electroacustic and experimental works.

Concrete, Drone, Experimental-Electronics, Industrial, Granular Music, Noise, Electroacustic, Ambient, Field recordings, Dark Ambient, Glitch, Psychedelic, Microsound, Improvisation, Montage, Soundscape.

Aural Films

San Francisco, California USA

Soundtracks for movies that do not exist.

Breeze Block Beats

Irregular live audio/visual meet up in Frome, Somerset, UK.

For people interested in electroacoustic, experimental, sound art, soundscapes, ambient, industrial dub, musique concrete.

Broken Bottle Productions

An independent artist collective and record label. 

Portland, Oregon USA

-I'm afraid of what

-is after life as much as

-I'm afraid of now.

Broken Tape Records

Independent label from Russia

Component Recordings

Providence, Rhode Island

Human Geography Recordings

Southwest, UK.

DIY Experimental Micro Tape Label from David A Jaycock & Andrew Burge.

Primarily interested inSoundscape, Drone, dark and psychedelic folk.

Inner Demons Records



Irregular Patterns


Not for profit label & home to artists not defined by traditional symmetry, shape or arrangement.

Less Than One (<1)


Music Analysis Discussion Records


A Label for the Insiders; created for a Community. 

Not Yet Remembered Records

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Brussel, Belgium

Off is a Belgian based label founded by Alain Lefebvre in 2007. 

Owlripper Recordings

Promoting LoudQuietNoises FastSlowRiffs.

Orlová, Czech Republic

1000+1 Tilt

a. There is nothing to be (when you grow up)

b. Life is too short to waste it dealing with assholes

c. At the extreme end of representation, nothing remains, or what is left is precisely that: remains

Point Source Electronic Arts

Point Source is an electronic music record label, media arts service, and creative community.

quiet details

quiet details is a new label with each release being an artist's own unique interpretation of that phrase

Ryu Recordings

A label set up by a former resident DJ at the world's famous Slimelight and having releases/remixes on leading labels such as World Serpent, Ant Zen, Point Source Electronic Arts, Component Recordings and Errorgrid, Ryu Recordings aims to bring you the best in alternative electronic music 


Sonic Exploration Network of Southern Africa

A platform for exploratory music and sound art. We seek to cultivate a regional community of practitioners of experimental, improvisational and otherwise avant-garde forms of sonic expression, with a focus on creating a supporting, nurturing environment, as well as increased public exposure, for alternative forms of musical creativity.  


Syrphe is a platform mostly but not exclusively focused onto experimental, electronic, noise music from Asia and Africa.


Leipzig, Germany

Label for eclectic, doom, noise and industrial rock.

TLO is a sub-division of Adventurous Music.

Vacant Possession Records

An empty vessel making noise in the north east of England.

Vivarium Recordings

Future sounds label run by Daniel Rauch

Electronic   Experimental   Dream   Vapor

Founded by Joseph Bailey & Benjamin Noggle, 2018. 


Beirut, Lebanon

VV-VA is a home for elusive, left field, and heady electronic music. What started as a space to share experimental sideprojects and unreleased collaborations within an intimate circle of musicians in Beirut is organically transforming into a fledgling platform that releases peripheral, outcast, and personal pieces or bundles.  

Weird Garden

Lincoln, UK

Remarkable music and sound from Weird Garden artists.

_your inner prison

We are a small independent record label focusing on industrial, IDM, glitch, noise and rhythmic noise, dark ambient, experimental music etc.


'Ideas had on sofas at loud parties, executed in quieter rooms.'

Aether Pilot

From dark ambient to robot electro - Sounds of the paleofuture

Agony Soul Trader


Alex is a composer, sound designer and field recordist residing in the traditional territories of the scəw̓ aθən məsteyəxʷ (Tsawassen) and xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam) first nations. 

Ale Hop

Berlin, Germany

composer and instrumentalist


Brussels, Belgium

Alain Lefebvre aka Alinovsky started to play drums with various Belgian bands early 1976. Until late 1985 he played withTuxedomoon, Anna Domino, Winstong Tong, Blaine L. Reininger, Vini Reilly (The Durutti Column), Anne Clark, Alan Rankine, Antena and Benjamin Lew among others. In 2007 he started his label Off (400+releases). When not working for the label, he tries to take time to record stuff…

Andreas Davids

Since 1998 I've been musically active with my project xotox in the field of industrial and rhythm and noise.

Apart from xotox, I prefer to release Dark Ambient, IDM and Experimental. As DJ ANDX, I produce mixes of all kinds, but the focus is always on dark ambient and related genres.

Andy Roid

England, UK

I have been messing around with synthesizers since the early ‘80s. 

As part of psychedelic tripsters Here & Now, I toured throughout the UK and Europe. 

I started doing solo shows in 2019 and have played gigs and festivals throughout the UK.

I also play in ambient dub ensemble Rubber Bus, ambient improv weirdos Somnambulance & Glastonbury based psych-pop band the Anarchetypes. 


Nashville, USA

24/7 Ambient Transmissions


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

bradley sean alexander deschamps, curator of polar seas


Aragorn23 / Asqus is an experimental musician based in South Africa. His current work focuses on algorithmic and gestural composition as well as modular synthesis.



Astral Engineering/ Simon Rees

Engineering on the astral plane. Reality you cannot rely upon since 1992.

The Astronaut

'Arrived 20 years back, sniffed the air, opened his flight case, closed it again soon after and left just as swiftly.’


Huntington, West Virginia

₳ §ƚɾαɳɠҽ ᗐιʂιƚσɾ M̶ყ R̳ҽαρҽɾ-- VCR shinigami. "I'm here for you"


Axiome is a Belgian duo, currently split between Belgium and Germany, formed around 1990/1991 by Olivier Moreau and C-drík Fermont aka Kirdec. Axiome perhaps followed a unique path : from their industrial and power noise onset to glitch, breakcore, acid, and as of today, their own interpretation of electro, they keep challenging what they have done in the past.


Pronounced, 'do'.


Anglo-Canadian duo, working under several aliases since 1982.

Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood

He sits in a small room listening to their conversations and speaking to himself. 

They all listen, dying to answer their own questions. He watches his own likeness reflected in the broadcast on the screen and recognises no-one.

Black Pill Machine

New York

Black Pilled, Experimental, Dark Ambient Vibes from New York

"In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act" -George Orwell


Black Magic Holiday.  Music project of Kate Bosworth (of Dark Train fame) & Matt.

Black Sun High Desert

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Exploring sound-based creative expression in high desert of Northern New Mexico.

Boobs of Doom




British Misery

I am of the opinion that the void can be terribly wearing at times.

Bro Biden

Brobient side-project. I also record under CHROM-47 (formerly 'Man') and am the lead singer of The Hot Food Department.


Los Angeles, California

Bendu is a habitual daydreamer.

Chantelle Gray

Johannesburg, South Africa

Chantelle Gray uses modular synthesizers, the Korg MS-20, the piano and gestural composition to create soundscapes. 

Charles Monroe-Kane

Charles Monroe-Kane is a Peabody award-winning journalist with over 23 years of national on-air radio experience. He is also the author of Lithium Jesus: A Memoir of Mania. In addition, he is a recording artist with A.M.P.-RECS - a music label based in Guadalajara México that focuses on electro acoustic and experimental works.

Christopher Alvarado

Christopher Alvarado is a multi-instrumentalist from Salt Lake City, America, who has been playing and performing ambient, experimental and sound manipulation in various guises since the mid 1980s. 

Clay Monke


Experimental machine music from Luke Phillips.


Italian sound artist and music experimentalist currently based in Berlin, Germany. 

Limited edition releases via Minimal Resource Manipulation (UK), Here Free Press (US), Falt (FR) and Detriti Records (DE). 

Monthly show on CAMP Radio.


Solo Improv Dark Ambient Guitar Soundscape Dronez with occasional contributions, the sound of the impending apocalypse and fridge buzz


Las Zarquillas, Mexico

what constitutes your musical universe

Crisp Packet Jackets

On Weird Garden

Lincoln, UK

Crossing Bridges

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The multi electronic genre project of Paul G. Marchesani

A part of the Forest Kids Collective

Dahlia Black

From nowhere. For nothing.

Daniel WJ McKenzie

Daniel W J Mackenzie produces work that explores various notions of listening to music and sound, combining composition, improvisation, non-musical sound and field recordings. Despite a broad range of tools and processes, there are consistencies in the nuances with which the work is constructed and presented, and the substantial presence of deep emotion and atmosphere.

The Dark Jazz Project

Birmingham, UK

The Dark Jazz Project is an experimental adventure into the abyss by Musician and Composer Andrew Spackman (SAD MAN, Nimzo- Indian). Here he brings his typically quixotic and mercurial approach, fusing Jazzcore, free improvisation, dark ambience into a melting pot of noise, rhythmic chaos to create a dark and unsettled future. Think Sun Ra meets Vladislav Delay.  

David Dellacroce

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death Drive

Death Drive is the solo project of Athens-based producer Kostas Karamitas.


Derby, UK

dov is a one man soothing psychedelic freak out solo musician/artist from the midlands u.k


Music, film, performance.


Minneapolis, USA

Science fiction-inspired dark electronic project from Jonathan Ford is spontaneity personified. For over 20 years, Ford hasbeen manufacturing aural chaos from hardware sound sources, live synthesizers, triggered samples and abused filter banks in real-time. Each Dissociate performance offers a unique exploration, bringing forth instant musical discoveries within this confined aural space. 


DJ_Iterate, aka Mystified, aka Thomas Jackson Park from St. Louis, Missouri. 'Multi-genre artist, coder, thinker, imperfect person'. Once known as the band 'Mystified', Thomas Park and his various incarnations focus on organic, enjoyable generative music, whether machine-made, performed live, or both.


Ambient experiments written in the dark; short story soundtracks to disturb and delight.


New Delhi, India

I don't know when there'll be a next time. You have to continue your own revolution of consciousness, your own sonic andolan, something you have already begun.All the resources thus far lie in the hands of the rich and as such they control the musical and cultural agenda. Before this can happen, there has to be solidarity between conscious peoples, a setting aside of petty ideological differences.


Former resident DJ at the world's famous Slimelight and having releases/remixes on leading labels such as World Serpent, Ant Zen, Point Source Electronic Arts, Component Recordings and Errorgrid, Dragon now launches the inaugural release for Ryu Recordings 

Dragon and Jettenbach


Carlos Pompeu, aka Druida and other names too

Quatro Barras, Brazil



Dystopian musician attempting to describe our somber past, present and future.

Euripides Altintzoglou (EA) is a senior lecturer in Fine Art & Photography at the University of Wolverhampton. He is a practicing artist and theorist, that examines the correlations between being and the emergence of political agency, and the phenomenology of change. His works have been exhibited around the world. 

Themis Altintzoglou (Θ) is a sound artist based in Norway. He is well-known for his dark ambient, noise, and drone music, which has been released on different labels such as Industrial Coast, Total Division, Deathbed Tapes, Oxidation, Zoharum, and many more. 

Envelope Muse

Denmark, Australia

Dark Ambient Industrial Noise Artist.

Envelope Muse: Dystopian sound for a dystopian world.

Euan Dalgarno

Edinburgh, Scotland

Fabio Keiner

came alone, will leave alone and all my lifetime I stayed alone (zen buddhist wisdom:))


<1 Field agent

Field Lines Cartographer

Lancaster, UK

Atmospheric, sometimes dark, occasionally

bucolic soundscapes. "shimmering... unsettling" -The Wire

"The sound of big, strange worlds"-Electronic Sound magazine.

Fields We Found

curating quiet details


Andrew Shackleton produces audio/visual art, under the name FLUX-US, to create immersive experiences which are intended to be transcendent. Always working from the premise that "we come from the darkness into the light" he explores and utilises esoteric, occult and psychedelic themes with both visuals and sound. He has produced work for night clubs, multimedia performances, installations for galleries and a promenadesite specific morality play.

Forest Kids Collective

Lazuli_Yellow, Goldeater, Imisu, INTERACTIVE CO, NOYU.SIR, Suri Sunriser.


Francis Theberge

Active since 2001, TiND (thisisnotdesign) is a video art group renowned on the Montreal scene for having developed their own techniques for live audiovisual creation. By hijacking common analog audio equipment such as the distortion pedal, TiND creates singular imagery that visually echoes the original sound material. 

Their live performances are laboratories for real-time experimentation: a perfect mix of controlled improvisations with prepared interventions and mastered errors. Francis Theberge is the main character behind TiND.

Francis Theberge is also a long-time member of the artist collectives Global Noise Movement and Adventurous Music. He is also known as Thibörg.

You can find excerpts of his video work on vimeo and his DJ work on mixcloud.

Garth Erasmus

Garth Erasmus aka Manmantis is a musician and visual artist based in Cape Town.

Gnostic Rebellion

Gnostic Rebellion are an audio/visual Esoteric Electronic duo comprising Andrew Sloan (rhythm and beats) and Andrew Shackleton (melody, texture and visuals) based in Frome, Somerset UK. Hardware synthesisers, sequencers and sample based sound modules are used.

Grave Of The Opal Golum

Jason Stevens and Dave Madden. This output was manipulated and reassembled in December 2020 with the vague themes of Solstice, hibernation, the kitchen sink perspective of Throbbing Gristle, the morphing juggernaut of Bitches Brew, screams from Pharmakon, the dark atmosphere of Lustmord, and the dynamics of Drew McDowell. With this Grave of the Opal Golem was born. 

Grey Frequency

Grey Frequency is the project of UK-based artist Gavin Morrow. Through the manipulation of electronics, field recordings and found sounds, he explores themes of memory, modern mythology, and the world of audio disintegration.


Tours, France

Guru bobol is a one man band since 2012, playing with hypnotic and ambient sounds, improvisation and analogic synthesisers.

Healer Oran

Andrei van Wyk aka Healer Oran is a Johannesburg-based composer, musician and sound artist who has worked in the mediums of dance, film, performance and sound installation. He is currently an MA student in History at Rhodes University focusing on soundscapes, sonic history and dispossession in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.


HELA [heːlɑ] v. 

: to make free from injury or disease : to make sound or whole


: as a complete entity

F. Iosefka is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and performative sound artist based in Sweden. 


Cambridge, UK

Fun for stereocilia.

Helmynthe / Мои Спутники Земли

Novosibirsk, Russia

One man from one siberian town.

Hendekagon/ Signalstoerung/ Audible Masticators

Multidisciplinary artist, micro-label manager, and event organizer. Also known as halo7, Audible Masticators, and Hendekagon. Part of the bands, Interessengemeinschaft Für Industrielle Klangerzeugung and Vaduzer Hand. Co-creator of the Global Noise Movement Noise Floors at Wave Gotik Treffen, the Anakronism series, and Industrialisation. Co-founder of Global Noise Movement and Adventurous Music.


Mixed Reality & Virtual Dreams ::: Unconventional Immersion & Holophrenic Theater 


Solitary, ambiguous.

Hypnotic Transmissions

When making music, naming songs and doing the cover artwork, I try to build a story through it all. I never want to just put a release together without making sure that every element is there for a reason. I believe art is in everything around us and every genre of music has something to offer. 


On Weird Garden

A 2017 collaboration between Gavin Morrow & Yusef Sayed.

iKKi Duo

iKKi Duo

(Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu and Fulya Uçanok) is an experimental music duo, featuring cello, piano, everyday objects with electronics. They are both performers, improvisers, composers and artist researchers, exploring contemporary, experimental, and non-conventional musicking practices. Their paths crossed in 2016 at Istanbul. Since then, they have been hooked on sounding together.


Experimental, Raw, Dark Ambient, Blackened Death Industrial, Doom Drone, Death Ambient.

Infinity Room

Dark and light, melodic sample and synth driven ambience and soundscapes drizzled with occasional beats and wrapped in a veil of Cold War static and short wave transmission.


DJane and Musician. Co-founder of Adventurous Music and Global Noise Movement. Co-creator of the Global Noise Movement Noise Floors at Wave Gotik Treffen, the Anakronism series, and Industrialisation. Experimental electronica. Plays the flute, guitar, piano, and vocal cords, but never ever plays the same set twice.

Jack Hertz

Jack Hertz is an artist/programmer/synthesist & producer from Pacifica, CA 

and is person behind the Aural Films label. 

Jawad Nawfal (aka Munma)

Electronic music & sound design, Beirut, Lebanon

Jaycock / Burge

David A Jaycock - Guitar & Synth 

Andrew Burge - Bass guitar & synth


40 years of influences and zero talent.


"... not very large sounds'

John Americus Witt

John Americus Witt (3 February 1809 – 10 December 2010) was an American composer in the Modern Unclassical tradition. Known primarily for his posthumously released four-part symphony, “Cyclothymia”, musical scholars have long surmised that there are any number of works yet to be discovered. Any attempts to uncover said lost work have thus far been unsuccessful, though it is rumored that a trunk of ancient manuscripts, Reel-to-Reel tapes, DAT’s, and a few burned CD’s were recently acquired by a private collector. One can only hope that these make their way into the public forum, if only to shed some light on this largely mysterious figure.

John Wiggins

John Wiggins is best known as an Emmy winning film and television sound designer, working for HBO and his own production company, Wonderland Sound. Wiggins is a master of the techniques of musique concrete, his experimental work often consists of painstakingly arranged synthetic and natural sounds that create extraordinary "living" audio environments. In 2017 Wiggins was one of the distinguished winners of "PRESQUE RIEN" Luc Ferrari Prize. 

Jon Watkins

The Ghost of/that is Jon Watkins is a Composer/Guitartist in a small room but a big world from the land of Montreal


“JONNY is a dabbled in music project that focuses on Serene ambient textures and thrilling Jungle/DnB beats. I don’t have any music theory so mainly I wing it and see what happens”


kaolu_euphony as independent music composer, bedroom music producer, arranger, sound designer, begins in 2013.

Tokyo, Japan


Cape Town, South Africa

helo is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa creating solo sound works under the title "kasa" since 2003. Creating sound and trying to capture it has always been a raw, DIY experience out of necessity due to the lack of resources and no formal training. influenced by punk, shoe gaze, atmospheric drone, noise, folk, doom, drone, metal, hip-hop, broken things & orchestra. 

Kate Bosworth

Presenter of Dark Train on Warminster Community Radio every Monday 2200hrs GMT.

Noise purveyor with BMH.


Visual Artist from the UK, expressing through multiple genres - UK Jungle to Experimental Textured IDM - from Post-Rock Shoegaze to Sludge Doom Metal. Sharing what I create along the way.

Kid Mania

Experimental artist / producer / DJ living in Northern Ontario, Canada.


Lüneburg, Germany

What happens if you put an entire table full of effects, controller, mixer, synthesizers, tiny noise machines and groove boxes between a bass and a guitar? Then certainly KiEw from Lüneburg will enter the stage and light a firework of danceable sound between dadaistic electro-punk, rhythm’n’noise and breakbeat loaded industrial-techno. 



Kῦμα / The Logically Undefined

Andy Green aka Kῦμα, The Logically Undefined, Quest… is an electronic music producer, sound designer & DJ. 

Purveyor of sonic beats & pieces since 1990.

Music For Your Body - Music For your Mind!


Kentucky, USA

Contemplative psychoacoustic soundscapes.

Sculpted noise; sometimes soothing, sometimes uncomfortable. Sometimes both.


Oxfordshire-based experimental electronic soundscapes, inspired by folklore, musique concrète & reel to reel tape machines.

LAN Formatique

Seattle, Washington

Mawn turn yirself awn.


Composing experimental electronic music since 1999.

the [law-rah] collective

expect the unexpected, and even then you're way off ...

the [law-rah] collective is a (mostly) utrecht-based collective of artists working with words, sounds, rhythm, structure, chaos and anything we can get our hands on.

in the field of electronic music active since 2001, but the first seeds were planted in 1993.

"i wonder what the future holds"

- the sky's gone out, bauhaus 

leeg bezit

On Vacant Possession Records

Leonhard Huhn

Leonhard Huhn. 

Alto Saxophone.




The Lifted Index

Atlanta, Georgia

The Lifted Index is an ambient electronic project from Daniel DeWitt. Based outside of Atlanta, Daniel creates music with synthesizers, voice, and electric guitar. Emphasizing texture and emotion, The Lifted Index conjures sonic worlds within songs.


LPF12 is a solo-project by german artist Sascha Lemon, creating cinematic Electronica.

Luke Sanger

Sanger relentlessly re-invents the audio world surrounding him.

Malady of Knots

Wirral, UK

Experimental electroacoustic project beginning in 2009.

Manuel Carbone

Experimental sound recordist. Electroacoustic enthusiast. Abstract compositions, field recording, synths and tape loops.